Sunday, 21 June 2015

Clips for Zenka Frames

Colour Clips for Zenka Frames. Photo by JoyD, June, 2015.
It was the beginning of July, 2014, when I bought my Zenka frames  and I told you then that I would take a few photos of the clips that I ordered. I never did update that post; so it's about time that I show you the clips that I have purchased over the past year. I now have  ten of them in three shades of blue, two shades of purple, and one each in white, red, black, grey and pale pink. 

In the same way that some women buy a pair of earrings, shoes or a scarf to match or to update an outfit, I am now in the habit of ordering a new coloured clip for my eyeglass frames.

Anthony, who owns Opticiens Martin in Ste. Foy La Grande (Gironde), is a true gentleman and it is easy to leave my money in his shop. 

He has a relative, either a brother or cousin (I'm not sure), who is the founder and designer of Parasite frames. I still look at the Parasite brand displayed in Anthony's store and wish that I had more disposable income and was a tad more eccentric - with those two attributes, I know I would be wearing them.

Photo Source: Parasite

For now, the Zenka frames offer me as much eccentricity as I can handle and are more economic than buying a whole new set of lenses and frames. 

What colour is next? I suppose it depends on the next scarf or the shoes that I buy. For now I have an adequate supply.

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