Monday, 8 December 2014

Buy Nothing Saturdays During December

For those who might accuse me of being a "Scrooge" during the holiday season because of my Buy Nothing Saturdays proposal, in fact, I think I will be better prepared for the holiday season with Saturdays off from shopping.

December 6, 2014 was my first Buy Nothing Saturday in the month of December. What did I do, what was or was not accomplished and will I be able to maintain this through the month?

What did I do?

1. I had a long and leisurely breakfast. After all I had nowhere that I had to go or anyplace that I had to be.

2. I had gone grocery shopping on Friday and planned to make chicken soup from scratch. After breakfast I prepped the chicken and ingredients for the broth and let time and a slow simmer do its magic. By noon I had a delicious chicken vegetable soup that was not only healthy but also low fat.

3. I read.

4. I watched tv.

5. I read.

What was not accomplished?

I wanted to organize my winter closet. My plan was to take out items that needed mending, cleaning and put them in respective bins. I also wanted to pull out all clothing that might qualify for "holiday" dressing.

What were the consequences?

I revelled in the luxury of not having to be anywhere at any particular time. Surprisingly, I did not feel any pressure or sense of remorse that I did not get to "save" any money on the "only today" sales. With a more relaxed day, I now feel more organized for any holiday buying I need to do during the next couple of weeks.


  1. Sounds like a nice day, it`s good that we have this relaxing days every once in a while,
    I`ve been so busy lately with college and work I am so so looking forward to leisure day :)

    1. My college days are over but I remember well the glorious feeling when an exam or paper was complete. There's nothing quite like it. At this time of year, shopping can either be a joy or a stress (even online) and so take a day to rejuvenate when you can between those stress-filled days.

  2. Relaxing in Kelowna9 December 2014 at 16:44

    Good for you JoyD! Those kind of days are my favourite. And I get in as many as I can. What I need to do on those days is to start to empty my pantry, and only cook with what is available in the the fridge, freezer, and pantry. You'd think I was preparing for armageddon by the way I keep supplies on hand! Yes, I do believe that is exactly what I will do on the no shop days. I'll let you know how it goes. And by the way, a nice, leisurely bubble bath would have been the perfect end to your first non shop day, yes no?

    1. The pantry - another "closet" to analyze - I am in fact getting better at maintaining moderate supplies since I live in two different places. I wish I could be as moderate with my clothing. And I have two more Buy Nothing Saturdays before Christmas so there will be a bubble bath included in at least one if not both of those days.


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