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The following are fashionable links in which you might be interested. I have indicated in brackets at the end of each when the link was activated by me. I did that since things change, sites are deleted and people move on to something else. The date and annotations let you know what I was thinking when I linked it to this page in case you find an error in your searching.

Where in the world? What's in the closets of women and men around the world?

In an effort to represent women and men around the world and what they are wearing, I will list blogs that I find that represent different countries, various ages and wide-ranging ideas of what is in their closets.

What I Wore by Jessica. Jessica, from the United States, shares what's in her closet by modelling what she wears in different situations. (Retrieved Monday, February 20, 2012)

Celebrity Wardrobes

Mr. Blasberg's Best Dressed List for the week is a marvelous way to see what celebrities are wearing in different clothing categories. While on the Harper's Bazaar site, check out the 2012 Fab at Any Age contest finalists and read the interviews of each of the women in their 20s, 30s, 40s, 50s and 60s for stylish inspiration. I love the Fabulous at Any Age clothing and accessory suggestions. (Retrieved April 29, 2012)

If you are a fan of Kate Middleton and you don't yet know about the What Kate Wore site, you can now "follow Kate Middleton fashions" and discover her favourite brands. (Retrieved July 28, 2012)

Stylish Wardrobe Beginnings

In response to a blog post on casual dressing in the summer and for the men in this blog readership, there is a guide to dressing down for men - dressing down while dressing well - that you can visit at Woodhouse Clothing. Retrieved Saturday, August 31, 2013.

A Woman's Paris is a NOTE-WORTHY style reference blog when trying to transplant that French sense of style to your own wardrobe. Retrieved Thursday, May 23, 2013.

An anonymous comment on the Minimalism in Fashion post inspired me to visit the Jockey Person to Person site. After browsing the catalogue, it certainly does offer a minimalistic approach to wardrobe basics. (Retrieved Tuesday, April 17, 2012)

If you don't know Pinterest yet, here's a classic basics place to start. (Retrieved Sunday, March 25, 2012)

See what Vicki Archer has to say about the 10 French Wardrobe Essentials. This blog is written by an ex-pat living in France. (Retrieved on May 12, 2012).

Here we see the "looks" on a French retailer's website. (Retrieved Sunday, June 22, 2014) 

For those who may face frustration with being tiny and fashionable, Kelly, who is 4' 11", has an informative website called Alterations Needed. She addresses many specific concerns to those of a more petite stature than me. (Retrieved Tuesday, March 20, 2012) 

Stylish Wardrobe Add-ons

Wikipedia tells us that Bottica is a London (UK) based retailer featuring new and upcoming international designers. It is an inspiring website for  those who are contemplating design and of course, those of us who are interested in accessories, jewellery, handbags and fashion in general. (Retrieved Sunday, May 12, 2013)

Stylish or Eccentric, certainly NOTE-WORTHY

An etalk Canada television episode featured New York photographer, Ari Seth Cohen, whose blog Advanced Style features elderly fashionistas, (if you're in your 30s, think of your grandmother). (Retrieved Tuesday, March 27, 2012) 

The Bride

I found a fabulous site for those who are just beginning to contemplate the style of wedding dress they want. Wedding Dress Creator allows you to design your own wedding dress by choosing particular features and attributes. It should bring you one step closer to what you want when you begin shopping. If nothing else the feeling of being overwhelmed should be alleviated. 

If I was getting married, I would be visiting Belle: The Magazine, touted as the wedding blog for the sophisticated bride. (Retrieved Friday, April 5, 2013)

Shoes & Boots

I love businesses whose name tells us exactly the work they provide or the product they sell. A commenter sent me this link for  Slim calf boots selling you guessed it - slim calf boots. Those with slender legs will be grateful I'm sure. (Retrieved Tuesday, September 24, 2013)

I found a shoe blog while researching Louboutin's 20th anniversary, being celebrated in 2012. The actual blog posts are informative but I have found the forums a tad scattered and unfocused. (Retrieved Sunday, March 25, 2012) 

Handbags, Purses, Bags in General

If you love handbags, you'll enjoy the purse blog. (Retrieved Thursday, March 22, 2012)

Scarves, Shawls & Pashminas

A StumbleUpon post/tutorial I found is a lovely way to wear a headscarf in the heat of August. I haven't tried it yet because I don't have a soft silky square to do it with yet; but it does look NICE. See how Keiko Lynn ties a headscarf. (Retrieved August 10, 2012)

Clever video presentation of Wearing a Scarf. More directions available by clicking on any of the pictures while watching the video. (Retrieved Thursday, March 8, 2012) 

Another scarf wearing video featuring 3 scarves and six different ties. (Retrieved Thursday, March 22, 2012)

A blog post "How Much is Too Much?" by Sarai Mitnick addresses her collection of scarves. The comments, responding to her post, reveal scarf varieties and philosophies on collecting. The blog is a vehicle for Colette Patterns and blog writer, Sarai Mitnick is the owner and designer. (Retrieved Monday, April 9, 2012)


 A long time acquaintance in Alberta, Canada and aunt to my goddaughter is a jewelry designer and I am pleased to introduce you to her work branded as  BEREHYNYA Art & Adornment The link will take you to her 2011 Fall/Winter collection. (Retrieved Friday, March 2, 2012). Just click on June, 2012 sale in Calgary for her Spring 2012 collection. 

A newly found acquaintance, Twila, another jewelry designer, creates "energetically powerful and spiritually inspired jewelry". So if you want to find out more about "how healing begins with you", just click on Rae-Kai .  A jewelry maker bitten by the shutter bug. All the pics of her jewelry on her website were taken by the jewelry designer, Twila Olson and Kylie Rodger. (Retrieved Thursday, March 15, 2012)


Carly Blake, a talented photographer in Kelowna, British Columbia, has wedding photography albums and other portraiture that will interest the most chic types. Carly and I were jewelry vendors at several shows and sales; however, it appears that photography is pulling her away from the beads and baubles. (Retrieved Tuesday, March 13, 2012)

Shannon Brunner, a photographer from Saskatoon, Saskatchewan has some beautiful work that incorporates the setting in a way that is aesthetically, not only interesting but stunning. Shannon bought a piece of jewelry from me awhile back and I am pleased to reciprocate by linking to her website. (Retrieved Wednesday, April 18, 2012). Shannon has also started a blog on being over 50 and single. (Retrieved May 20, 2012) 


I am always honoured when artists buy my jewellery. I have chosen beads and baubles to be my product but I have a deep respect for those who use paint and canvas. Janet Williams and Jan Corcoran have both purchased pieces from me and I am pleased to encourage you to visit their websites to peruse their work.

Janet Williams Art interprets the feminine in a playful and colourful way. Janet and I were vendor neighbours at a show and sale in December, 2010. Happiness is . . . Janet's art. (Retrieved Sunday, March 11, 2012)

Jan Corcoran's artistic statement tells us, that her work is ". . . influenced by artists such as Richard Diebenkorn, Hans Hofmann, helen Frankenthaler, Greg Hardy and by a multitude of chance meetings in (her) environment." Her contemporary mixed media art offers a west coast perspective to a prairie landscape. (Retrieved April 3, 2013)

For Jewelry Makers

Whenever I am in Calgary, Alberta, Canada I don't bother going to any other bead shop except B-Dekk. The choice of beads, findings, and finished pieces displayed are extraordinary. (Retrieved Thursday, April 19, 2012)

Not only is BeadFX a retail storefront in a Toronto suburb (East York), but it also offers its extensive inventory in an online catalogue. I particularly enjoy their Inspirations and Gallery pages. (Retrieved Thursday, March 29, 2012)

Young Moms' Lives

This category is for all the young women who are needing some relevant information for coping with motherhood. 

Don't let the title, So I Married a Farmer mislead you, there's plenty of fun "mom" information and lovely stories from Alysa, city girl, married and living in the country now, with a farmer husband and two little girls. (Retrieved April 5, 2013)

Keep checking back: I will update this page as I discover informative websites, blogs, photo albums and videos that will keep us looking fashionable everyday.


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