Sunday, 17 June 2018

Garage Sale for Clothing - Good, Bad & Funny

With garage sale season in full force in Canada I thought to share some of the commentary I have encountered while trying to get rid of some of my closet content. 

I decided to try and get rid of the loads of clothes in my extra closets that I haven't worn in years. My life changed after leaving an administrative style job where I was teaching and consulting. It is going on now seven years since I no longer do that or want to do that. I dabbled in those seven years and that was reason enough to hang on to my "professional wardrobe". I did a couple of stints at a Polytechnic and a university and then decided I don't want to jump those hoops anymore. I reintroduced myself to freelancing as a writer and am called upon by a local lifestyle print magazine which suits me just fine. I can work in my pyjamas and I am happy.

I thought that a garage sale would be the quickest way to get rid of many things without any hassle. Here are some of the comments and questions that I encountered . . . for the most part they are amusing at best and slightly annoying at worst.

"Do you have this in a larger size?" This is a garage sale not a boutique. What you see is what there is. I suppose if I had the same item through several periods of weight loss, perhaps it could be a valid question.

"This is not my style. Do you have anything more "bohemian"? Again, the person selling has a particular style and that is what you will see for the most part.

"I saw you have a sewing machine for sale. Can you alter this for me?" Excuse me . . . You can buy the sewing machine and alter it yourself.

"I never find anything I want at garage sales." Ok then why are you wasting your time going to garage sales?

"This sweater has a button missing." It's a wool sweater in the 50¢ bin, you may have to buy a button.

I shall donate the rest of the clothing.