Wednesday, 18 January 2017

Lucian Matis . . . a Canadian Designer

Lucian Matis is an artisan through socialization and environment, an accomplished designer by natural inclination and talent, and a Canadian via emigration from Romania in 1999. He represents the positive vibrations of what it means to be transplanted and flourish in a new location. He's blooming and so are his creations.

Sophie Gregoire Trudeau in a
Lucian Matis dress
standing beside Michelle Obama.
Photo Source: Global News
The self-confident women who wear his designs radiate the poise many women aspire to. (See the celebrities wearing Lucian Matis designs.) 

Sophie Gregoire Trudeau, the wife of Canada's prime minister is of course my favourite. It is as if he is designing just for her, yet I can imagine myself in this orchid accentuated dress.

As I began writing this post, I realized that I became acquainted with this designer through television in 2008. It was Project Runway Canada (no longer produced) that introduced Lucian Matis to Canada and it is now a pleasure to read about his well deserved accomplishments.

The future appears to be unfolding in miraculous ways for Lucian Matis, for Canada's reputation in fashion design and for us. There are beautiful dresses and as two January 6th Twitter and Facebook messages tell us, soon to be functional and perfect handbags. 

I am pleased to write that business is good for this Canadian designer. (You can shop online at Lucian Matis.)

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