Thursday, 1 December 2016

The New American First Family Influence on Fashion

Banter around our table about the results of the American election has reflected Canadian tolerance, albeit without total acceptance. Canadian conversation tends to default to the comparison between the American health care system and ours. With the recent appointment of a vociferous critic of any kind of supported health care, I am happy to be living in Canada. My husband is about to have hip surgery and I know that our home is secure and that we won't be bankrupt because of it. I am happy to acknowledge a prime minister who is respected by my European friends and glad that I do not have to rationalize for the bizarre result of a recent election.

This is a fashion blog and so my observations and speculations will deal with a superficial consequence of this election - nothing at all to do with politics but rather how the president-elect and first-lady-to-be will influence fashion trends.

The president-elect appears to favour red ties, white shirts and dark suits therefore a vengeful resurgence of the power suit seems imminent.

Photo Source: Inside Edition
The first-lady-to-be looks fabulous in variations of the sheath dress and so we shall see all manner of sheath dress over the next four years (or at least as long as there is no impeachment).

My predictions are rather obvious and my conclusions were not influenced by a committee based on nepotistic decisions. It will be interesting to see how influential these two are in the fashion world; albeit not nearly as interesting as what will happen on the international political front.

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