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ITSO . . . In the Style of . . . Judith Richardson


Teenflo top under Lida Baday suit, 2011.
Shoes: Jimmy Choo. Necklace: JoyD.
Charles Le Pierrès and Judith Richardson first started their design life for women's wear twenty years ago under the brand Teenflo but have since morphed into Judith & Charles. Of course, I am enamoured because theirs is a Canadian brand with an international reputation. The name change was necessary since the word "teen" is not what one is looking for when one is in "classic" buying mode. However, a young sales associate at Holt Renfrew in Calgary brought me a top that was perfect with the suit I purchased. It's the cowl neck off-white top in the photo with the Lida Baday suit. It carried the name, Teenflo, in 2011. Even then I found the classic styling and the name incongruous. By the time the Spring Collection for 2012 was ready, the company was rebranded into Judith and Charles. Smart move.

Judith Richardson and Charles LaPierres of Judith & Charles.
Photo Source: Vancouver Sun
The clothing they produce reflects the style of Judith Richardson because every piece I see on a model, I also envision on Judith Richardson.

In 2014, Michele Marko in the Vancouver Sun, summarized Charles LaPierrès' description of the clothes they make in the following way: 

La Pierrès describes their collections as chic modern or modern sophisticated, an esthetic that fits their working woman and stylish urbanite clientele. He’d rather not use the word classic which for him evokes stodginess.
“The pieces are very subtle. They keep evolving. They’re very fresh,” he says. But he acknowledges there is also a timeless quality to them. 
(Retrieved April 12, 2016 from the Vancouver Sun)
His description of the line sounds pretty "classic" but for me the last thing classic connotes is "stodgy". I also see the clothing as "adaptable" which doesn't sound very appealing either. I can see a 20, 35 or 60 year old wearing many of their pieces. So, yes, it is definitely "modern sophisticated" or "chic modern" or any one of those three . . . modern, chic and sophisticated. And that top I bought in 2011 can still be worn in 2016 with the feelings of modern, chic and sophisticated.

Photo Source: Judith & Charles 
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