Saturday, 20 February 2016

Attitude: A Choice

In order to be irreplaceable one must always be different.
— Coco Chanel

That quote from Chanel and the next one are dedicated to all the males who wear ballet flats and who have visited this website.
Attitude is everything.
— Diane von Furstenberg

When my ballet flats expert, Brian Davis, sends me a photo of his latest purchase, my response is always the same, "there's a post there". However, even in an El Nino winter, he won't be going far in those flats.

Gold Ballet Flats. Photo Credit: Brain Davis

The boots will serve him better in the snow. 

Tory Burch boots. Photo Credit: Brian Davis

Attitude is everything and no matter what one wears, it is inspiring to see choices that exude one's individuality. For me, appropriateness is the main factor in decision making, then comes that which I feel good in. As a result I usually feel comfortable in whatever situation I am in, even if I am a little over- or under-dressed. 

Accessories, shoes particularly, are the best way to express individuality. And so I salute Brian for his individuality and his footwear choices!


  1. Thanks for sharing these 2 inspiring quotes as well as sharing another great post. That's very kind that you dedicated it to all the guys who love to wear flats or should I say, wear what makes them happy. Most days I choose flats that are appropriate and blend in with everything else I'm wearing but on certain occasions it's fun to wear coloured flats that are eye popping like pink, yellow or even those gold ones.

    Great post as always and BIG THANKS.

  2. You are welcome, but if you look at "Posts Others have Liked", very often, the majority of the time, it includes ballet flats posts. Of course, I am speculating, but I would imagine that it is often guys who wear ballet flats who are visiting those posts. It always feels good to see the numbers of visitors to my blog increase and I attribute much of that increase to that interest.

    I am always, in appreciation, for all my visitors to this blog.

  3. I'm always surprised how quickly the time goes. It seems like just yesterday we did this post and already it's two years old, CRAZY!
    Winter in Western Canada is also CRAZY. Some years Winter feels nonexistent and other years it never wants to end. This year is one of the seemly endless Winters. I can wait to put away my boots so I can start wearing flats or sandals again.
    Maybe I should brave the cold and start wearing a bright coloured pair of flats or even my cute new floral flats for Mother Nature to see. πŸ’πŸ˜ŠπŸ’

  4. It's been a month since I have visited my own blog. Good grief. How pathetic.

    As always, you give me ideas for another post. Floral flats - I love the fact that you take it up a notch every time we communicate.

    You are braver than I - I'm thinking the toes will say "no" to your idea of wearing flats. The snow here is deep and porridgy but the sun is beginning to arrive earlier and stay longer thereby melting the drifts quickly. Hang on, in two weeks it will be all gone and your toes will thank you for it.


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