Thursday, 31 December 2015

A New Year; A New Set of Clothing Resolutions

Resolutions for my closet have been easier to keep than any others. I have had a minimalist 2015 and I imagine that 2016 will be similar. Or should I say "should be" because my clothing 2015 purchases were functional and so my mother's voice tells me that this is something I should strive for in 2016 as well. Although I recognize that this is the most practical, I am not excited about this approach.

I spent the last nine months in France and believe it or not, bought fewer items of clothing here than I do when I am in Canada. The problem this year was the Canadian dollar which was dismal against the Euro. My only significant accessory purchase was another Lancel purse and that was at the beginning of my stay.

My resolutions are in keeping with a re-use, re-purpose, reduce theme:

Resolution Number 1: To update my clothing through some method of reconstruction rather than buying new or to de-construct pieces and then put individual pieces to other uses.  I have done this with jewellery and so it should be able to be done with clothing.

Resolution Number 2: To update my creative skills. I have a number of basic skills in knitting and sewing and crafting generally. I would like to learn techniques that will allow me to create something that I would actually wear, other than my jewellery. I have re-used and re-purposed in my jewellery making and now it's time to expand. This resolution should help with my first one.

Resolution Number 3: To give up one something when I buy one something new. I have had this on my resolution list for the past few years and I never have actually continued with it. I started admirably at the beginning of the year when the resolution was fresh in my mind but then have easily forgotten to continue. This year I hope to target my "give-aways" before I even go out shopping

I will keep this list short this year so that I can concentrate on fulfilling three resolutions instead of forgetting ten.

I'd love to read about your clothing or closet resolutions . . . it's easy to comment . . . 

Happy New Year . . . wishing you success, prosperity, health  and loving relationships in 2016.

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