Wednesday, 21 October 2015

What to Wear to a Fall Wedding


Friends in France are getting married this week and the day temperatures are scheduled to be perfect. She is Chinese and so I imagine she will probably wear red and he is French and I expect him to be fairly traditional although he is rather avant garde. It is a second marriage for him, a first for her. Everything will be beautiful, bien sur.

The big question for me is what to wear. There is a certain informality since it is an afternoon wedding and the reception will be at the groom's house, a modern renovation of a nineteenth century girls' boarding school. I don't want to wear my LBD - no matter what the circumstances or how I interpret things; black just doesn't feel right for a wedding. Other than that, my dresses tend to be sheath style and that's fine but for the most part summery. I have a beige sheath dress that could be dressed up with a scarf or jewellery. That may be the best alternative.

Beige Sheath Dress, circa 2001.
Photo by JoyD.
This dress is pretty nondescript, simple, sheath, nothing to date it, that's a certainty. In fact, I wore this dress in 2001 at a 25th wedding anniversary I attended while I was in France. Go figure, it's 2015, and I am thinking that maybe I can wear it to this particular fall wedding.

NEED: I know I will need a scarf in more festive colours and preferably in a lightweight silk.

The question is, can I bear to wear this dress, knowing how old it is. Some things may be timeless, but when is it time to just say "no; I need a new dress"? At the same time, knowing my personality type, I'd probably come home with something similar after the shopping trip.



  1. relaxing in Kelowna22 October 2015 at 12:48

    Oh JoyD, it is not like you to second guess yourself. This dress was beautiful in 2001, as were you in it, so I have no doubt you will be gorgeous in it again! The dress is timeless; all that it needs are some "now" accessories, as you said. No need for new when you know the old is quality! You are going to rock this wedding!! :)

    1. Mon dieu, you remember it. As someone who was also at the same anniversary - yes it is the same dress. I am slightly embarrassed. I'll have to update this post to demonstrate how I will accessorize it in 2015. Thank you for the compliments - you are too kind.

  2. The dress from 2001 looks like it was just purchased in 2015. The style seems perfect for this unique wedding. Only you will know the original "era" it was from. I bet it looks stunning on you. I guess fashion is just a revolving cycle.

    Hope you are well.

    1. Thank you Brian, you are a gentleman.

      The bride wore red; the groom wore burgundy and yellow; and I wore this dress with a red blazer and scarf that had a mix of colours. Funny I was worried about wearing black and probably 75% of the guests were in black. I was concerned about certain cultural things and they all were non-issues. This goes to prove that when it comes to dress, it just doesn't matter.

      So not only is fashion a revolving cycle but fashion rules are pretty much whatever you want them to be. But here I am communicating that to a man who has in fact made it very OK to change the rules!

    2. Your dress with the red blazer and scarf sounds much better than wearing black and seems to fit in with the colourfulness of the bride and groom. When it comes to dressing it really doesn't matter. We dress how we like and if we don't like the way we look we can change it.
      As for changing the rules.... I did have some (LOTS) of help from you. :)

    3. In fact, I suppose, we each inspired each other!


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