Thursday, 29 January 2015

Fix It Up First, Then Wear It

Know the worst before you go out! 
- Elsie de Wolf

In other words, look in the mirror and pay attention to what you see - panty lines or saggy butts, muffin tops or oversized sloppiness, a button missing or a stain. Whether something is too tight or too big, only a full size mirror reflects the true image. If you tell me that you don't care what other people think - fine. What do you think of your own "look"?  Shrugging your shoulders and saying you don't care in this instance won't do. If you leave your place creating excuses in case someone points out the falling hem, then you do care and you should change into something else. It is better to be seen twice in the same immaculate item, then once in something shabby. It seems that the human psyche registers the negative more quickly and for some reason remembers it more profoundly. That negative whatever in your clothing ends up coming back to haunt you for the rest of the day.

NEED: If you have made any clothing or closet resolutions, bringing your clothing to functional and aesthetic flawlessness is the most important. See my January 21, 2015 post. Without even looking in my closet, I know that my black blazer is missing a button on the sleeve, my sheepskin jacket needs to be replaced - it is beyond fixing, the hem is sagging on my navy sheath dress, my black boots need polishing, there are two un-ironed shirts that have been hanging in my closet for the last month . . . OMG! 

Speaking of haunting me for the rest of the day, it's time to take some of my own advice . . . 

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