Sunday, 11 August 2013

End of July/August Summer Sales

Closet Content Analysis: Sale Shopping

Choices: Shoes, Bags & Summer Dresses

NICE         NO THANKS        NOTE-WORTHY        NEED         NEW      NECESSARY

Lancel "shopping bag" and Salamander Offwhite loafers. Photo by: JoyD.

Buy what you don't have yet, or what you really want, which can be mixed with what you already own. Buy only because something excites you, not just for the simple act of shopping. 
- Karl Lagerfeld

It's August and the fall and winter clothes are slowly making their way to the front of the stores while the few items leftover from the French July summer sales are languishing on a rack or two at the back.

NICE & NEW: There are times when you do not NEED to buy anything NEW for your closet yet when the sales have third generation markdowns and the €120. loafers are €20., how can you walk away from a NICE deal like that? I was on my annual shopping trip to Marques Avenue in Romans-sur-Isere, which is combined with visiting friends in Bourg de PĂ©age, when I saw these Salamander loafers and could not resist. My husband was also successful at the Salamander Outlet store where he bought a pair of black sandals for €35. Next stop, the Lancel Outlet store, where I found a lightweight "roll-up" bag that is perfect as a summer catch-all and purse. This too was on its third markdown and I can't remember the original price, but I got it for €50. Certainly these two items were the NICE deals of the season for me.

NOTE-WORTHY that could have been a NO THANKS: We have had this discussion about the positives and negatives of outlet shopping before. Very often there is a reason an item or a group of items is in the outlet venue. Case in point: I bought a lightweight cotton nightgown and peignoir owing to the heat and to the good price in the Anne de Solene outlet. Of course when I washed it in 60 degree water, both shrank, even though I followed the washing instructions precisely. Then again I had purchased the size Large because that is all there was in the store - thank goodness. It now fits the way it should have in the first place.

Italian-made Manila Grace summer print dress. Photo by JoyD.
UN-NECESSARY but NICE: This stopover in Romans-sur-Isere was on the way to Germany where we were off to a wedding that was held on July 26th. I took an outfit that has become a NO THANKS in my closet; however, when considering the hot temperatures, I chose it because it was one of those Indian cotton skirt and top ensembles that would be cool enough to wear in 35plus temperatures. Although I knew I had something to wear, I kept my eye out for something summery and less Bohemian. I purchased an Italian-made Manila Grace print dress which I believe is more my style now. I haven't purchased a print in ages but there was something about the dress that was very appealing to me.

Once I tried it on . . . She shrugged. The dress claimed me.
- Isabel Wolff in a Vintage Affaire (Fiction, Harper Collins, 2009)

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  1. First off the title of this post makes me sad but that facts are so true. Summer merchandise is getting pushed to the back of the store for the fresh new Fall collections. But in doing so the price is getting chopped too. Lets face it. it is still Summer and a Summer bargin is a Summer bargin. So about you and hubby's purchases. Well done! Your bag is amazing and the loafers are...adorable. These look great on you and I know would work for me.

    All the NICE NO THANKS NOTE-WORTHY NEED NEW NECESSARY points are accurate as always. Thanks for sharing

    1. Actually, when I was buying them I thought, I wonder if Brian would like these even if they are not ballet flats. I can say that when I pass a shoe store now with ballet flats, I think of you and my one pair that I have come to like more and more, with every photo of a new pair that you have recently purchased. Funny! Thank you for your comments Brian . . . it is a pleasure.


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