Friday, 14 June 2013

Updating your Closet for Summer 2013

Closet Content Analysis: The 4 Closet Basics

Choices: 2013 Summer Updates


The 4 Closet Basics: pants/shorts, skirts, tops, and cover-up (one or all of the following: pullover/blazer/cardigan for cool evenings). 

If solids predominate in your closet then you . . . 

NEED for Summer, 2013: A blazer/cotton pullover/cardigan, skinny pants/shorts, skirt or top in a floral print

NEED for Summer, 2013: One of the four closet basics in a black and white stripe or graphic print

If you you don't see either of the two as a future purchase, then you . . . 

NEED: an accessory such as a floral canvas bag or a black and white striped shoe.

If you are a solid lover and the florals and graphics are a NO THANKS, then you . . . 

NEED: a bright colour in one of the four closet basics.


Judging from the ugly and repugnant things that are sometimes in vogue, it would seem as though fashion were desirous of exhibiting its power by getting us to adopt the most atrocious things for its sake alone.
- Georg Simmel

Please do not let it be so; however is proposing that overalls, yes, read that again, overalls are the 2013 summer must have. The British call them dungarees and the French call them salopettes and I call them awful. In the 80s I remember having a "shorts" khaki pair. I didn't think they were awful in the 80s but now I wonder how in the world can anyone want to wear them - trend or not? Even on the most gorgeous model, they look horrible. Can you imagine? On the rest of us who don't have model proportions I don't even want to imagine. Just say NO THANKS. presented 10 allegedly "cute" pairs - I'm still feeling a profound NO THANKS to all of them. I have visited several websites and blogs, extolling this trend, from the U.S.A. to Paris and the photos I have seen do not flatter anyone.

NO THANKS: You do not NEED overalls even though many bloggers are calling them the must have trend for the summer. If you are experiencing this trend for the first time, then you will want to have a pair. I won't debate that. This is an age thing and so take the following piece of advice in the spirit of trends and age: if you have worn it once as a trend, and the trend is back, you know to definitely not to do it again.

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