Saturday, 11 May 2013

What to Wear to the Saturday Morning Market

Closet Content Analysis: Casual Yet Stylish

Choices: layered cool weather options 

What to wear to the market on a cool, about to be rainy and probably windy Saturday morning?

It was cool, but not windy and not yet raining, when we left the house in Port Ste. Foy and headed across the bridge to the market at Ste. Foy La Grande in Gironde. I was told it is one of the top 100 markets in France. I imagine one of the factors that makes it so is the large number of British tourists and retirees. There are still several empty vendor spaces,  but those are probably the seasonal vendors who have bric-a-brac for the tourist season or they are the ones who have taken advantage of the "bridge" days for the French civic holiday that fell on May 8th.

The weather was such that people did not know what to wear. There were those in shorts and flip flops and others in down-filled jackets and boots. I chose skinny jeans, my black Anne Fontaine shirt, a black blazer and black patent "oxford-style" tie-ups. My "everyday" small silver hoops and a silver and black bangle were my jewellery choices but I lamented that I didn't have a scarf. I took a black all-weather NorthFace jacket and umbrella, just in case it rained.

As we meandered through the streets and picked up our favourites - six grain bread from the man across from the vendor selling ladies underwear, cornue des andes tomatoes from the woman near the "bar du sport" and white asparagus from the vendor next to the fish monger - the clouds were rolling in. We made it to the bar du sport, for a coffee, just before it began raining and it continued so that I needed my jacket and the umbrella to walk back across the bridge and home.

NEED: Scarves. Women of all ages wear scarves and they wear them with panache. I need to buy some scarves.

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