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Button-Down Shirts for 2013

Closet Content Analysis: Shirts with Buttons

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Anne Fontaine storefront in Paris, Photo taken by JoyD in October, 2012

Every year I feel I should buy two new shirts, not just pull-over tops but true button-down shirts. I like the look of shirts generally and as noted in a previous post, I do love Anne Fontaine cuts. Last October I was at an Anne Fontaine store in Paris and did indulge. The woman who was serving me, contrary to what most people believe about service personnel in Paris, was down to earth, and helpful, in addition to being elegant and beautiful. I arrived at the store with the intent to buy a white button down shirt. Although I have at least four Anne Fontaine shirts in my closet, they are from a time when I was a couple of sizes bigger. I wanted a plain white shirt and the ones in my closet have various forms of detailing. After showing me several white shirts, I made references to the ones I own by saying, "this one is similar to one I have" or "I have two with the black edging" or . . . and so the sales associate asked if I had a black shirt.  I think she sensed that I did not NEED another white shirt. I left with a black one that fit impeccably and makes me feel tailored even with blue jeans. I especially like it with a recently purchased pair of skinny Hudson jeans with a black side stripe.

Anne Fontaine black shirt purchased in Paris,
October, 2012
NICE: This Anne Fontaine black shirt, purchased in October, 2012 is now my NICEST since I wear it independently or under blazers or my Armor-Luxe v-neck cardigan.
Anne Fontaine black shirt with Hudson Leeloo skinny jeans.

The front panels, collar and cuffs are 100% cotton and the back and sleeves are a stretch fabric. This combination provides a phenomenal fit and allows for a few pounds up or down. After a winter of too many good meals, I am at the "few pounds up" and I do feel it across the back but it doesn't feel restricting in the same way a stiffer, less flexible fabric would.

Burberry long-sleeved shirt with silver studded collar.
NEW: I'm not in the habit of paying $525.00 for a shirt. And I did not; however I did buy one where the original retail prices was labelled as such. I was in Vancouver, British Columbia and checking out the sales racks at Holt Renfrew. I found a Burberry white shirt (remember I said I needed a white button down shirt) priced at $209.00. This price was still a tad high although I have paid that approximate price for my Anne Fontaine shirts. I looked at the size and I thought it was too big, although it did not look too big. The sales associate informed me that Burberry does "fit smaller" and so I tried it on. She also added that all the sales priced items were another 40% off. How convenient! I rationalized and now I own it.

I like wearing this one with my Theory dark taupe skinny pants.

NOTE-WORTHY: This tapered white shirt is a good 2 to 3 inches longer than any of my other shirts and it feels good to wear it with my skinny pants. It covers the front and backside perfectly without looking sloppy. 

NEED: Since I have maintained my weight now for two years, and I have no present intention to gain a significant amount back, it's time to have my Anne Fontaine shirts altered to fit properly in the shoulders. I do wear them under blazers and the fit is passable but independently, you can tell they're a tad too big.

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