Monday, 4 June 2012

Summer Colours in My Closet

Sea, Sand & Sky Colour Choices

Closet Content Analysis: Summer Wardrobe

NICE                   NO THANKS         NOTE-WORTHY            NEED          NEW

NOTE-WORTHY: After a winter of grey and black with a smattering of red, I enjoy researching new spring colours and tend to pay more attention to spring colour trends. For the summer, like the winter, I have chosen a very neutral palette and have been satisfied with it for a very long time. When I go shopping for summer clothing, I think, "sea, sand and sky" (no matter where in the world I am) - essentially, blue, beige/sand and white (with some black still providing the base). It has served me well. In fact the "sea, sand and sky" palette provides my bedroom and bathroom colour choices as well. There's something easy and cool about it for clothing, peaceful and calm for the bedroom and clean and bright for the bathroom. It also makes shopping easy.

Linen top and trousers as jewelry backdrop display, Spring "11.
NICE "SAND" CHOICE: I love Sorrento, Italy. Maybe it was the first ever seaside town I visited in Italy but it is one of my favourite places. There is a store here that fits right into my summer palette choices. I can't remember the exact name of the store, maybe it was "sea, sand and sky", however, everything in the store is offered in those shades. I bought my best NICE sand colour choice in that shop in 2009. I've taken this outfit on every "warm" weather vacation or place I have visited. It is a loose-weave linen and is a cool dress-up or -down. As the photo indicates, I have even used it as a backdrop for my jewelry sales. I like it with the burnished gold chain and turquoise.

Linen striped shawl draped over new hydrangea buds.
Of course, I had to buy the linen shawl that was displayed with the sand choice in the store.

NICE "SEA" CHOICE: The blue striped shirt that you saw in my Shirts, Blouses and Tops post has to be the most functional blue piece I have ever purchased. Same shirt on a smaller body. That pale blue and white stripe is so crisp and clean looking on hot muggy days when you need to wear a sleeveless tank but just in case you are somewhere that requires a cover-up . . . it is my pick. 

Blue and white linen pull over top with 3-buttom closure.
I have another blue and white stripe tunic top cut on the bias that I bought in Sorrento, at the "sea, sand and sky" store. It is linen but it is like a pullover top so it is not as functional as the shirt. I  am presently lamenting a summer in France without it. I left it in Canada. Sigh.

High heeled mule, open-toe in pink leather with beige threads.

 NOTE-WORTHY "SAND" CHOICE: This pair of heeled mules is actually beige and a pale pink but they're perfect if I want to dress-up my Sorrento "sand" outfit. I bought them sometime after the spring of 2009 when I was in Romans, France, thinking about that "sand" outfit. Short of a major trendy heel change, these will serve me a long time. However, those too are in Canada.

Linen pants: same style in black, white and beige.

NICE & NEW BLACK, WHITE & SAND CHOICES: I have always had linen pants in these three colours. The style is loose-fitting, usually with a drawstring at the waist. For my trip to France this year, I bought the same style in the three colours and will leave them here. I also have a variety of lengths of shorts and capris in the same three colours.

What "sea,  sand and sky" colour choices do you have in your closet? 

What is your summer palette?


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  3. My summer palette is black,white and denim. Nice post.

  4. Since you asked about our colour preferences for summer, I think that I prefer saturated coloured solid or printed tops, paired with denim, white or neutral capris, jeans or summer weight pants. The colour scheme of my new summer wardrobe from Jockey is navy, coral, white and tan. And I am still really enjoying going to my closet and always finding something great to wear.

  5. Thanks for the last two comments that included denim as part of their summer wardrobes . . . but of course, how could I have forgotten denim?


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