Thursday, 12 April 2012

Minimalism in Fashion

Simple Yet Elegant Choices

I like the classic look. . . .Keep it simple. There’s only so much you can wear.
- C. Z. Guest
in C.Z. the American Thoroughbred
by Jan Tuckwood. The Palm Beach Post, November 12, 2003.

Closet Content Analysis:
a Minimal Wardrobe

Although I do not care for sweater sets and pearls in the same way that American fashion icon C. Z. Guest loved them, I do admire the simple chic that those sweater sets and pearls represented. The elegance and “aristocratic prep” of C. Z. Guest’s wardrobe will inspire us forever. Her simple and elegant approach to clothing always put her on the best-dressed list in her time. We can be as "best-dressed" as C. Z. if we follow some simple guidelines.

The only real elegance is in the mind; if you've got that, the rest really comes from it.
- Diana Vreeland

No matter the season, the year or the trend, fashion writers will attempt to include minimalism in their trend forecasts. This is necessary owing to the perennial simple and elegant styles of designers such as Jil Sander, Giorgio Armani, Ralph Lauren, Max Mara and Carolina Herrera.

People ask me how can I be stylish, how can I be elegant and what can I wear? My only answer is study! You have to learn.
- Miuccia Prada


Choose a dark neutral colour, such as black, navy, grey or a dark camel and then a secondary complementary colour in the beige to taupe range, pale greys, white or any other softer paler tone. Know that you can never go wrong with black and white. Just watch the designers come out to take their bows; the majority will be dressed in black and white.

A blazer or “suit” style jacket.

A pencil skirt or skirt suited to your body shape in a matching colour to the jacket or a contrasting colour.

A sheath dress or two. One in a contrasting colour to the jacket and one in a print coordinating with the jacket.

An evening dress, if you feel you need it.  Remember a sheath dress can be dressed up.

One pair of trousers in a matching colour and one in a contrasting colour to the jacket. . For example if you have a dark jacket, choose a camel pair of trousers.

Dark wash jeans.

A crisp white button down shirt.


Tops and t-shirts in the chosen colours.

Shorts, capris, one in white or beige and the other in black or other preferred dark colour.

Traditional flats, moccasins or loafers, one dark, one light (beige)

Heels as high as you can manage. At least one pair of pumps in black or beige and another style in another basic colour.

One pair of beige sandals.

One pair of simple tie-up running shoes in white or beige leather such as Keds (your athletic sport pair is and extra).

This list can also work as your travel list particularly for business travel.

Anything more would be considered wasteful by a true minimalist. However, this minimal wardrobe requires “pops of colour”, which can be added through inexpensive accessories and jewelry.

I believe that I am a minimalist when it comes to my style of dress; however, presently I need to reduce the number of items in my closet and begin living in a more minimalistic way. 


  1. Relaxing in Kelowna12 April 2012 at 21:59

    I want to shop in your closet!!! :)

  2. I recently purchased 10 mix and match wardrobe basics from the Spring and Summer 2012 Jockey Person to Person collection. It arrived within a week and I am very pleased with the fit and the quality of the garments. I also love the fact that these 10 items can be configured into at least 22 different outfits for any occasion.

    1. I visited the Jockey Person to Person site and must admit, I never knew. I love to shop so I'm not looking for the convenience this offers but you can't get any more minimalistic than this, insofar as shopping goes. It's all there waiting for you. I'm going to link to it on my Stylish Connections page.

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