Statement Necklaces by JoyD

Single & Multi-Strand Necklaces

I've used the term "chunky" necklaces for my work in the past; however, there are negative connotations with that term and so I am replacing "chunky" with "statement" - a much more descriptive and accurate representation.

The photos on this page are some of my favourite single and multi strand statement necklaces that I have created. The summer of 2008 is when I started making jewelry but, it is only in the past couple of years that I have attempted more complex necklaces.

Off centre open front choker made by JoyD, May, 2014.
Betty wrote "I was the one that bought your red necklace. . . OMG the compliments I received and I'm sure I could have sold it at least five times. . .Thank you so much for your unique creations and I am hooked and need more." 

Three tones of grey, faux pearls and ceramic necklace. Created by JoyD.
Photo by JoyD. Spring, 2014.

Sometimes I wonder about what sells and what doesn't. I made this piece for the winter show, 2013. It didn't sell. Now, I'm wearing it. I love it with a grey sheath dress I wear to work (please note the grey shades are not true in my photograph). Many people admire it and ask about it, but it never sold. All I can suggest is that perhaps it does not have "display" appeal; kind of like a "lost leader". There are two shades of grey faux pearls bordered with the pale grey-white unglazed ceramic beads. I bought the "beads" from a potter in France and visualized "success". No such luck!

Three strand necklace and matching earrings in
white quartz, Czech glass beads & silver spheres by JoyD, April 2013.

I refer to this necklace 
and earrings as the "dancers' set" because it is designated to be given for a silent auction fundraiser at the end of May, 2013. The creation process for the “dancers’ set” began with a consideration of colour trends for Spring 2013.

When a colour trend arrives, I suggest and continue suggesting that you introduce it through your accessories. Therefore for the spring of 2013, and as I worked through compiling the piece, I thought of how it should compliment the trends of white lace, black and white stripes and the popularity of the statement necklace.  I used "large" Czech glass seed beads, white quartz and lacy silver plated spheres in the creation of this three strand necklace and drop earrings.

Two Strand Coral Necklace with Medallions
"Not My Baba's Korali"
Made by JoyD for the Pavlychenko Folklorique
Ensemble Fundraiser, May, 2014

I named this piece "Not Your Baba's Korali" and donated it to the Pavlychenko Folklorique Ensemble in Saskatoon, SK for their fundraiser in May of 2014. Because this is a Ukrainian Folk and Ballet Ensemble, I decided to research the jewellery historically worn in Ukraine. Although it is difficult (I think illegal) to bring coral from Europe, Chinese dyed coral is readily available here. Thank you to Doreen who bought the piece and for taking the photo.
Spring 2013 started with my personal passion for blue even though green is the chosen colour by Panetone for the season. Multiple strands were first on my "to do" list and then single strands which were a tad more chunky were next.

I began arranging the green stones I had in my stash and here are the final creations that came forth in Spring "greens" for 2013.

Single strand, green stones with gold findings, Spring, 2013.
Pale green stones, frosted crystals, and gold accents to create a multi-strand necklace for Spring, 2013.

Multiple strands of turquoise stones, silver chain, black cord and silver crosses, Winter, 2012-2013.
Winter 2012-2013! In preparation for a big Christmas sale, I have amalgamated several trends into this statement necklace, so very popular this season. The snow in my backyard was the perfect backdrop!

Multiple strands of coloured stones and coral, silver chain, black cord and silver crosses,
Winter, 2012-2013.

Triple strand of black quartz with large faux pearl

This is one of the last pieces I made before leaving for France in the spring of 2012. The black quartz teamed with the large faux pearls is a statement piece I may decide to keep for myself if it doesn't sell at the summer sale in June. (Too bad for me. It sold!)
The Cara Collection focuses on turquoise and this is the first piece of the spring 2012 grouping.

Turquoise from the Cara Collection, March 2012

Repeating smoky quartz disks, aqua shell disks and faux pearls are compiled for the new statement piece in 2012.

Commissioned piece. Jade & rose quartz with Chinese coins. March, 2012.

Pink Faux Oversized Pearls & Crackled Quartz with silver discs, Spring, 2011
Thank you JH for the photo received March 12, 2012
This piece featuring crackle quartz ovals and spheres are complemented with glass pearls in varying shades of gray and Swarovski rectangular prisms. When worn, the clusters of pearls cascade and nestle among the larger quartz elements. In the upper right quadrant of the necklace is a second ring for the toggle, which allows the wearer to shorten the necklace providing two different lengths depending on the neckline of the dress. The piece was commissioned in the spring of 2011 and is owned by a Calgary bank executive in Alberta, Canada.

Mixed Media including shell and Clear Quartz, Spring, 2011

Dyed Coral and Silver, Winter, 2010

 Pink Faux Pearls & Rose Quartz, Spring, 2011

Turquoise, Shell and Copper, Fall, 2010

Smoky quartz, silver-tone spheres and silver-tone chain, Spring, 2011.

Jewelry takes people's minds off your wrinkles.
- Sonja Henie


  1. I am the joyful owner of the dyed coral and silver piece from the winter 2010 collection. This piece has a beautiful richness about it both in look and feel when wearing. The organic nature of the coral and French silver give it an heirloom and ethnic/tribal quality. I love the fact that the necklace has a unique story as some of the elements were selected in Europe. These were then handcrafted into a piece of wearable, edurable art. Thank you JoyD!

    1. You are most welcome Joyful Owner,

      That's right, I got the silver pieces in Lyon, or somewhere in the southeast Of France, when I was there in the summer of 2010. I must keep better track of exactly where I buy my components. That was the first piece I ever made using coral. I have to do more. Thanks for your lovely comment.

  2. I was on a bunch of fashion jewelry store sites and saw many three strand necklaces for the spring of 2012. Your two pieces - the one with the aqua shells and the turquoise remind me of the ones I saw there, only yours look nicer. I make jewelry too and I have a bunch of bright colored beads that would work for a 3 strand necklace. I'm inspired.

    1. Happy to have inspired another jewelry maker!

  3. I love your pieces and look forward to being able to attend another I need some creative umpf back in my life!

    1. Thank you so much for the positive comment and motivation to create! Here's the scoop - I have missed the 2014 Christmas sale and will miss the 2015 sale because I am in France. There's good and bad here - I collect my materials in France but I create and sell in Canada. I will be back in February 2015 and will have a sale in Canada in either March or April. Then I go back to France . . . I'm also thinking about bringing back some vintage linens. They are so beautiful and we see nothing like this in Canada (but that's another venture!) See you in Canada.


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