Wednesday, 13 September 2017

Dresses for a Fall Transition

Closet Content Analysis: Accessories are the Key for a Fall Transition 


Photo by Joy
I don't believe I have enough summer dresses and of the ones I do own, they are the same sheath style or similar to a sheath style. Yet it is that sheath style that is the most efficient to take you from summer to winter. All you need is a blazer and a scarf. With this particular sheathe, one can put a beige or grey blazer or shawl and be business or chic enough for work or dinner.

That little black dress keeps showing up as well and black is a canvas to which you can add colour and texture. Along with it is the little beige dress which can be teamed with navy, black, red, cobalt blue . . . any classic or bright vibrant colour. 

The secret of course is to have a scarf or statement bracelet or necklace that can tie the two together. That is the success of the fall transition.

It is easier to do with scarves than jewellery I find; however, this is a personal style choice. Shoes do the trick as well but then it can start to look too match-matchy. Shoes will serve as the colour pop if you have a blazer and dress that are the same colour, then the shoes and scarf can match. Add a coloured blazer to that and it would just be too much.

Or add blue to the LBeigeD . . . 

Balance is the key no matter what the season.