Wednesday, 14 June 2017

Summer Clothing in a Cold Climate

There are many jokes about the length of summer on the Canadian prairies. After two days of 30+ degrees, you will hear - so did you enjoy the two days of summer? With that attitude it is difficult to spend a significant amount of money on summer clothing. It seems that what we need in Canada are transition pieces and advisement to stay in air conditioned interiors during the few hot days. Of course we don't want to do that.

This year seems to be different, spring came early and summer feels like it has been here for awhile and is likely to stay for a good while longer. Although it is raining and quite cool out there today. However, it is I who is in transition and in something of a dilemma with my summer closet. All my summer clothing is in France. This year I won't be leaving Canada until August and will only be staying in France for 3 months. I have been caught unprepared yet I have no desire to buy any summer clothing.

It so happens that much of what I found in my closets is either too big or too small, stained or ripped. Remember, I am the one who expounds the perfect fit as being the most important attribute of clothing and keeping clothing in an impeccable state. I dug through my possibilities and found the following:


  • 1 pair of blue & white striped capris that fit perfectly
  • 1 pair of creamy coloured capris that also fit perfectly
  • 1 pair of white linen pants that are big but have a drawstring waistband. They feel like wearing pyjama bottoms but because they are linen, they have a "look" - that summer resort kind of "look". I have never been on a yacht but they remind me of the kind of loose linen pants you would wear as you look out at the sea. Sigh.
  • 3 black short sleeved t-shirts that are too tight - probably 10 pounds too tight
  • 3 white short sleeved t-shirts that fit but are all stained (no other choice but to wear while gardening)
  • 1 pair of beige cargo shorts, stained and too tight - probably 5 pounds too tight (reserved for gardening)
  • 1 pair cargo capris in good shape and they fit but too dated (reserved for gardening)
  • 1 "golf t-shirt" style black dress, too tight to wear outside of the house
I appear to be well outfitted for gardening.

Transition clothing I brought with me from France:
  • 1white linen shirt that can be worn over a tank top or t-shirt or on its own
  • 1 black and white striped Armor Luxe pullover, 3/4 length sleeve
  • 1 turquoise and white striped Armor Luxe pullover, long sleeve

NEED: There are too many items to list. I may have to go shopping.

Update - June 21 - 
NOTE-WORTHY: Surprising what you find when you start looking. I may not go shopping after all.

Saturday, 3 June 2017

To Consign or Not to Consign

I am downsizing. I know, you are going to ask me, "Again or still?"

My dilemma is the higher end objects and clothing that I have are the most difficult with which to part. Although last week I did sell a Coach wallet and was satisfied with what I got. Here's the thing, dealing with a consignment store obligates you to a 50/50 split and if the clothing, bags, or shoes are not sold, they are then donated to a charity. I've done that and I always seem to feel "ripped off". At the same time, what good are those items taking up closet space for months, actually years? I have tried to sell on my own and in a way I am no farther ahead than dealing with the consignment store. Those perusing Kijiji are not looking to spend more than they would at a consignment store therefore the seller must compromise. Selling at a garage sale is worse. People want to pay pennies and even if things are priced low, they still haggle. Been there, done that. That was my experience with the Coach wallet and although I was satisfied with what I got, I have thought that I should have asked for more. I guess I'm not much of a sales person. 

I need to be convinced. I would love to read  any consignment store or reselling stories.