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Spring Choices: Sandals or Flats

Flip Flops and Flats: Summery Choices

Closet Content Analysis: the Best Shoes for a Carefree Summer


Brian Davis is ready for spring and summer. If you do not know, he is my resident male ballet flats expert and he not only knows Tory Burch flats, he owns more than I can keep track of. But there are three new acquisitions in Brian's flats closet and he is definitely ready to strut.

Tory Burch Sandals and matching Polish. Photo Source: Brian Davis
First on the list for spring footwear is not so much the footwear as the foot. Get a pedicure or give yourself a pedicure. Of course it is much nicer if you book a relaxing pedicure, at least the first one of the season. I had one a couple of weeks ago and I am usually happy but this time, the little details were just off. It cost me $99.00 + taxes (the sale price for a $130.00 Thai pedicure) and I was not so impressed with this salon's interpretation of the procedure or with the technician. My goal this summer may be to experience the perfect pedicure.

Brian did the same but he was much more adventuresome than me. Sometimes, Brian does what I only think about doing - in this case, lime green polish would have been a passing thought for me. Good on you, Brian.

Of course Brian's sandal choices come from the Tory Burch collection and I have lusted after these particular sandals but had a hard time getting over the price. To me, no matter the designer, sandals should not cost that much. Brian is a diehard for Tory Burch so the price of the flip flops doesn't seem to be an issue for him. In fact he bought two pairs, red and green.

Red Tory Burch sandals. Photo Source: Brian Davis, 2017
But there is another pair of ballet flats in my favourite colours for the summer, blue and white, that Brian bought this spring.

Tory Burch blue and white logo ballet flats. Photo Source: Brian Davis, 2017
Now these would be perfect for me and I wouldn't even mind paying full retail price. 


  1. Great, more power to him, even if this kind of sandal is maybe not my favourite man or woman. Though he didn't match his fingernails ;). Jk
    Antonio from Italy

    1. Tell me Antonio, what style of sandal do you wear?

  2. Once again Thank-you for creating and sharing this post. I love how I'm able to send you a few pictures and share a few thoughts and you develop it into something worth sharing.

    It's funny how this all came to be. I stopped by the TB boutique with the intention to buy nothing. My sale girl pointed out these super bright TB Miller sandals to me. I'd also seen them on the display rack cuz lets face it, they're pretty hard to miss. Next thing I know she's grabbing my size from the back. My will power fade to zero and I felt I must have both the pink pair and the yellow pair. She advised me as always. "Wear them around the house and make sure you love them, if not return them." After a couple cool adult beverages and wearing them around the house I 100% loved them. But my toes were in need of a pedicure. I've gone for pedicure for the past 3 years and I don't find it any big deal. I noticed there was a salon in the local strip mall in my community in Arizona so over I went. Rosie was the kind lady doing my pedi. We were having a great chit chat. Other clients were coming and going when 3 ladies entered the salon. 2 sat at the manicure tables and one sat at the work station right next to me. Rosie was also going to be doing her pedi. After some more chit chat between the 3 of us this lady asked if those bright yellow sandals were mine. "Why yes they are" She reached down and picked them up and shouted to her friends, "look at his sandals." Not embarrassed by this at all the mood in the salon became very joyful. A while later this lady asked what colour of nail polish I was getting. I replied I hadn't thought about getting any. Then she insisted I get some to match my sandals. Rosie also thought this was a good idea and grabbed 3 bottles to match up the colour. We continued to chat as my polish dried and as I was getting ready to leave the lady next to me hands me a piece of paper with her name and phone number on it. She said she wants to be friends with any guy who is comfortable enough to wear sandals like that and have his toenails painted. It's funny how a cute pair of sandals can make people become friends.

    1. The posts we have done together are always in the top five picks on this blog. There are more men out there that applaud you and I know that by the number of visits to those posts. The way I figure it, if women can wear brogues, then men can wear ballet flats.

      The sandals I called "red", you are calling "pink" - I think there's a post here about our colour perceptions on and off line. I've mentioned it in other posts but the colour discrepancies always are there between what you see offline and what appears online.

      Always a pleasure receiving your photos and comments.

  3. I wore my florescent pink TB Miller sandals to my hair appointment the other day. All the stylists in the salon LOVE'ed them. But the funniest part of all was my stylist was wearing fingernail polish that matched the pink colour of my sandals perfect.


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