Friday, 20 January 2017

Melania Looked Fabulous

Michelle Obama and Melania Trump on
Inauguration Day, January 20, 2017
Photo Source: Daily Mail
No one can deny how lovely Melania Trump looked for the inauguration. And we can thank Ralph Lauren for providing the pastel blue sheath and bolero. The gloves and shoes matched the outfit perfectly and I haven't seen that kind of match-matchy since I was in Europe. Even though I'm one of those who like that sort of thing, I recognize that there are probably many more who don't and I deliberately work at not matching perfectly in my own outfits when I am in Canada. In France, I do become more matching conscious.

Maybe Donald should have chosen a pastel blue tie to match Melania's outfit. Now there's a 1970's moment! At least that would have shook things up a bit in opposition to his usual red tie, power suit look.

Lauren has dressed many first ladies and many of them for their husbands' inaugurations so I'm not joining in on the criticism of him for choosing to design for this particular first lady. I read in the New York Times that Lauren chose to dress Mrs. Trump out of "respect for the office". I get that. After all this is the fifth first lady upon whom he will have had the privilege to feature his work.

Photo Source: A.G. Nauia Couture
It has been reported by major news agencies that Melania Trump looks to Jacqueline Kennedy as a mentor and model. But of course.

The suit Jacqueline Kennedy wore to her husband's inauguration was designed by Oleg Cassini and it too was in a pastel blue. Notice as well that she is wearing opera-length gloves. Because Melania chose pastel blue and chose classic and chose the gloves as well, I can't see that she will ever be acknowledged for determining her own fashion sense but rather she will be seen as a reflection of Mrs. Kennedy no matter what she decides to wear. She stopped short of the pillbox hat and that was a good thing. But I do admit copying Jacqueline Kennedy's style is not a bad thing. 

However, it may represent yet another situation in which she is unable to think for herself. Remember the words she chose to incorporate in a speech that she had taken from a talk that Michelle Obama presented previously. You can read here what the Huffington Post wrote about that.

But I digress . . . 

Photo Source: Vanity Fair
Ralph Lauren was a popular choice. Not only was Melania Trump choosing to wear his designs but Lauren also provided the white pantsuit that Hillary Clinton decided to wear to the inauguration. I probably would have rather seen Clinton be inaugurated but I don't know if the fashion world would have been ready for a resurgence of the "pantsuit". 

Now we will wait and see: Will Melania come into her own as the first lady? And how long will it take before her husband becomes impeached? Will she wear a peach pantsuit to his impeachment? I'd like to see that. 

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