Tuesday, 27 December 2016

Out with the Old; In with the New

NEED: A Closet Content Analysis

I suppose I really don't need anything considering no sales event has enticed me to brave the minus 20 weather or the crowds to take advantage of the Boxing Week storefront sales. As well I am a choose-to-be-luddite when it comes to online shopping. I bought an ironing board online and I buy airline tickets online but that's about it. Would that make me a Quazi-Online-Shop-Luddite? Perhaps I will evolve but that may take some time.

It does appear though that I have kept my Black Friday Eve Resolutions. And my food pantry seems to be the only "closet" in my house that has seen anything new in the past two months. 

However, I will be watching the "white sales" in January. My linen closet needs a few new sets of pillow cases and some fitted sheets so that my beds have a better fit. I put one of those pillow tops on top of an already thick mattress set and the fitted sheets I have no longer are so fitted. I have brought large flat linen sheets from France and so that leaves me to replace the fitted sheets. Interestingly, I no longer want to buy "sheet sets" because of the oversize mattress situation. The bed which is queen size does not coordinate with the queen sheet sets. The pillow cases are too short for the pillows, the fitted sheets don't fit and the flats barely drape over the mattress sides. I like a long hang-over (I can't believe I wrote that); no not a hangover but an overhang. And so I have resorted to buy separates, in the same way that separates are now my first choice when buying clothing.

Back to my clothing closets. This is the year that I will get rid of all the stuff that has been hanging in closets that I never look into. It's time to de-clutter and re-analyse my clothing situation. I have done it before but minimally. There is much in my Canadian home that needs to be eliminated and the new year is as good a time to re-new some past resolutions.

There is a philosophy that "stuff" holds us back and doesn't let us move forward. Old stuff that isn't used is resistance to moving ahead and it is truer in my life now than it has ever been. 

Out with the old and in with the new. This thought deserves another post.


  1. Congrats on keeping your Black Friday resolution. I'd say good will power but like you said, "no sales are enticing you" ( especially since it's cold. ) I hope your desire to de-clutter rubs off on me. I need to do the same.

    I like your hang-over vs overhang reference.

    Stay warm.

    1. I used to write and re-write my posts trying to get them to be grammatically perfect. I have learned that posting is much like conversing; albeit sometimes or most of the time, it is one-sided. The post reflects more character when the mistakes are left in.

      How and when to de-clutter? - another idea for a post.

  2. Hello, well as someone who has partaken in Black Friday Sales, I will tell you that Boxing Day sales (at least where I live) were underwhelming so I don't think you missed much. I have taken a quick peruse through my usual haunts and haven't found anything (perhaps because I don't need anything) and what remains has no appeal even at a reduced price. A sales clerk told me that at one particular store, their sale items were pretty much picked over prior to Boxing Day. Admittedly, I was slow out of the gate to make my rounds, but there will always be something for spring or summer that may tickle my fancy and winter will come again next year (there will always be a pair of boots I like).
    Your comments about sheet sets intrigued me and I did some initial internet reconnaissance. Ironically, several of the higher end (most likely considered luxury European) sold as individual pieces vs. sets. As a side note, I recall reading years ago that January was the time of year to buy linens (bed and/or table) on sale. Good luck!

    1. There will always be a pari of boots on sale reminds me of a Prada pair I bought in Calgary. That has to be at least five years ago and I still wear them and still love them. I would not have been able to rationalize buying them at full price but the sale price gave me the opportunity to buy a great pair of boots. I also bought my Tory Burch boots on sale in Calgary but there's something that doesn't sit quite right at the ankle. I can wear them and they are not uncomfortable but there's a small annoyance. I don't think I have bought a new pair of boots since the Tory Burch ones. Thanks - I think I'll have to do some boot searching in the next month or two.

      As far as the linens go, I'll look for the deepest "pockets" I can find in the fitted or else I will revert to the old days and buy King size flats to make my bed instead of the Queen fitted that don't really fit. I'll come back here and let you know how I do . . .


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