Sunday, 20 November 2016

The Top 10 in My Essential Oil "Closet"

Before I left France and in anticipation of not being back for six months, I went shopping for essential oils to carry me through my time in Canada. Of course, I can buy them in Canada, however I find prices more reasonable in France. It is an issue of supply and demand and competition. The French are more used to them as supportive and supplemental treatment. Pharmacies carry essential oils, and French pharmacists can advise you about their use. Ask a North American pharmacist and it is likely that they may not have any academic or professional knowledge about essential oils. The general attitude here among pharmacists tends to be hesitant at best.  

I am self-taught and perhaps more adventuresome in trying  "new" possibilities. Treatment of my husband's legs (he inherited his mother's varicose veins) was my first essential oil challenge. Have the varicose veins completely disappeared? No. Have they improved? Immensely; so much so, that he decided to cancel the surgery recommended to strip the veins. He became a believer. Other benefits might not be so obvious or might be debatable relative to diet or traditional medications; however, I am convinced enough about their efficacy that I am incorporating them to help alleviate potential complications in my diabetic life. I wouldn't be alive without western medical technology (thank you Drs. Banting and Best) but I believe that my general health can be improved through herbal supplementation.

The basics are tried and true and I don't think that I could manage without them now. My top five must-have essential oils are: lavender, tea tree, peppermint, helichrysm and frankincense. If you asked me which of the five I would want if deserted on a tropical island, I probably would opt for frankincense, although as I begin to think about it, I would be able to rationalize for any one of those five, lavender in particular. I use lavender everyday for my personal use and it is a necessity in my linen closet and in my clothing closet - I suppose frankincense would serve me better on a deserted island. Although, peppermint would keep the creepy crawlies away and  . . . no . . . frankincense would be number one on my list.

Next come the specifics for particular conditions and ailments. For my skin I want to have myrrh to complement the frankincense and lavender. For my husband's veins, I want cypress, ginger and mastic or lentisque pistachier which I would add to helichrysm and frankincense. Because we both enjoy wine, rosemary verbenonne and lemon is needed to maintain a healthy liver. For my carpal tunnel and his arthritic pain, I want birch and lemongrass to add to the helichrysm and peppermint. Of course I would take oregano compactum if I was deserted on a tropical island or enjoying the winter on the Canadian prairies. That's just the beginning. 

The next five in importance in my life would be myrrh, cypress, ginger, rosemary and oregano compactum. You can see why I have chosen the original five and so if I had no others to complement their attributes I would be satisfied. Lemon could replace the rosemary but I think it would be number 11 on my list.

If you don't have essential oils in your life yet and for those of you who would like to try essential oils, I would suggest the introductory three: lavender, peppermint and tea tree. Your closets and your body will love lavender. Peppermint will invigorate you and keep creepy crawlies out of your home. Tea tree will kill germs while you clean your space and prevent infections when you use it on yourself.

If you are already using essential oils, which are your favourites? Click on Comments and share your favourite one, two or ten.

They are a pleasure to use and we can always use small pleasures in our lives.

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