Monday, 3 October 2016

Never Enough

There are two sentiments at play when it comes to shoes. How many pairs of black/pink/white/grey/brown (you choose your colour) shoes do you really need? Or: you can never have too many pairs of black/pink/white/grey/brown (you choose your colour) shoes. I like the latter of the two.

Brian, the resident ballet flats expert on this blog is a tad more particular when he says, "a guy can never have too many pairs of black flats." 
The new black patent Minnie's I bought did replace my black patent Eddie flats but the Eddies do have a new home. No, not to the trash can, instead I've left them at my home away from home in AZ (that's Arizona for my European friends).  
Back in April 2013 we posted about another pair of my Eddie flats. These blue ones; Tory recently released a patent Chicory blue (baby blue) Minnie flat. This seems like a good time to replace another pair of Eddies with the new Minnie's. I'll leave the Eddies in AZ with the black pair and wear the new Chicory ones at my real home.  

I guess this means I should modify this saying again. "A guy can never have too many cute pairs of black or blue flats." 

But what about pink?


  1. Never Enough is the perfect title for this post because it expresses both our feelings about how many pairs of flats or shoes one person needs. Last time I checked I can only wear one pair of flats at a time. This one pair at a time statement might be contradicting to our "Never Enough" mindset. Although I can only wear one pair at a time that doesn't mean I shouldn't have more than one pair of the same colour. When it comes to my collection of Tory flats, no two pairs are "exactly" the same. Yes I have several pairs that are black, blue and many other colours but there are subtle differences between each pair. My black patent Eddies's and my black patent Minnie's might look identical but here are the differences I see. The Eddie's are smooth black patent leather, the Minnie's are crinkled black patent leather. The soles are different on each pair. Lastly Tory puts her iconic trademark logo somewhere on every pair of her flats. The Eddie's have the logo embossed on the leather around the heel and the Minnie's have a tiny gold "T" on the side. Yes, they're both black patent flats but the differences I see make each pair unique. So as long as Tory keeps making flats that are slightly different I can Never have Enough.

    Modifying my statement to read "A guy can never have too many cute pairs of black or blue flats," is correct.

    But that's leave us with to answer the last question. "But what about pink???"

  2. Hello Joyd,
    So for me, it would be never enough boots. I love fall - cooler temperatures, the colours, sweaters as jackets and BOOTS. All kinds of boots - chelsea boots, riding boots, high heels, mid heels, flats in black, brown (milk chocolate), brown (dark chocolate), tan, grey, greige, smooth leather, suede, gortex, shoe-boots, mid-calf, over the knee, tall. Although I have yet to attempt thigh high - not quite sure how to pull those off yet but I have seen a pair of mid chunky heel that might work with leggings.....

    1. Thank you for the reflection - in fact, I too love boots and it would be about time to write a more up to date post on boots. In Canada boots of course are more functional; whereas in warmer climates they are very much a fashion statement.

      My first pair of thigh high were flats - actually a small wedge and they were really quite easy to be comfortable in especially with skinny jeans. Let this be your year to buy your first thigh highs.


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