Friday, 2 September 2016

Fall Dressing in Summer Weather

With children returning to school this week, it is natural to think of fall wardrobes. Yet the temperatures are soaring above 30 degrees centigrade during the day and thoughts of fall wardrobes just seem wrong. 

White is starting to feel inappropriate and yet the base colour of my summer clothing is white. I have noticed French women wearing black more and more over the past week. Mind, black, like white, is a basic. 

My Italian standby has come into use more than once for dinners and even shopping. The cool linen weave in beige has proven to be the perfect transitional outfit for the hot September days. Friend, Patrick, from Bordeaux complimented the look at a recent dinner party. Funny, the outfit doesn't look much more complicated in construction than pyjamas, yet it works.

Loose-weave linen top and drawstring wide leg pants purchased in Sorrento, Italy. Photo by JoyD.

I tend to wear turquoise with this outfit because it just feels right. The night of the dinner party I also wore shoes with turquoise in them. It didn't feel overdone, not too match-matchy yet enough to make it look like I took care to get dressed.

Summer wedge heels purchased in Romans-Sur-Isere at Marque Avenue. Photo by JoyD.

My choices for the September heat wave will be all the beige I can retrieve from my closet along with splashes of colour. I am my mother's daughter, white just doesn't feel right anymore even though it is only the beginning of September.


  1. Hope you are well. First off, I can't believe it's September already. Where did the summer go? I'm certainly not ready to switch my wardrobe from warm summer colours to black. I like your thinking, wear beige for the September heat wave with a splash of colour. You could transition to darker colours as the temperature drops. For me I might fight the "no white after Labour Day," and keep my white flats in the Autumn footwear rotation.

    Love those wedges, very cute and colourful.

    Bri :))

    1. Thanks for your comment. Good that we were both so busy we hardly noticed the summer going by. We sat out this evening until 11 PM but the autumn chill was in the air. That's what makes the wine from here so good! Warm days and cool nights - good for the grapes, good for us. . . . There's a post you and I need to work on . . .

    2. "Time flies when you're having fun," I guess we both proved that this summer, or should I say the summer that just passed. I'm jealous you were able to sit out till
      11 pm and enjoy the warm days and autumn evening. Good for the grapes and good for you, I like that. :))
      Yes there is a post we need to work on...I've added something else that might add a slight twist to it :))


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