Friday, 13 November 2015

Not a Closet and No Clothing Within: Essential Oils in a Wine Box

My apologies for a topic that is totally off-blog-focus; however, I have written about essential oils before.

Although this blog's title refers to "closets" and the clothing within, in particular, I can't help writing about other storage units including cupboards and drawers and medicine cabinets and . . .  so you see, I want to tell you about something else in another storage unit. I have taken a wine box and converted it into storage for my essential oils. After all, if you are not healthy, how can you feel beautiful - and sorry, clothes alone won't do it. 

Before moving to France I was aware of essential oils but not totally convinced. I hate to admit it, but the exorbitant prices of essential oils in North America made me reticent to use them. Here, in France, they are affordable (even the expensive ones).

The most convincing rationalization for me happened when I was advised by my dentist to have a root canal. I would have continued with his advice but I was on my way to Europe the next day and promised him that I would seek a French dentist as soon as possible. In the meantime he prescribed antibiotics and I continued on my trip. When I arrived in France, I had to wait another two weeks before I could see the recommended dentist. I finished my antibiotics and went to the pharmacy to ask about interim care. The pharmacist suggested that I use oil of oregano with a carrier oil such as coconut oil and swish my mouth for a few minutes every morning. He implied that it may hold off the infection and keep me stable until I saw the dentist. He did not offer it as a cure. I did just that and continued to research online. From my online research, I found that those who used oil of oregano for dental crises were satisfied with the results. To make a long story short, six months later I have not had the root canal and the French dentist simply advised me to come back when I was infected and in pain from the abscess. So far, so good. Hooray for oil of oregano!

Then, there was my husband . . . who suffers from a hereditary case of varicose veins. Again a Canadian doctor told him that he will have to have them operated on and the dark discolouration on his shins will simply be there . . . forever. There was nothing that could be done for it. After my success with oil of oregano, I went to the pharmacist again and asked about varicose veins. He suggested some supplements for circulation and then offered the idea of using essential oils, namely cypress and helichrism. My husband took the attitude that "it wouldn't hurt" and so he began a daily evening routine of massaging his legs (with upward strokes toward the heart) with the essential oils mixed in jojoba oil. After six months of online research, experimenting with other oils, varying the combinations, and religiously applying the oils every evening, his legs are amazingly changed. Last year at this time, his legs were so dark, and swollen, I was thinking awful consequences. This year after approximately 6 months of "oil therapy" the colour of his legs is, dare I say, normal. The varicose veins have reduced in size and intensity and his legs are starting to look healthy, if not totally normal. We will continue with his essential oil therapy and if surgery can be avoided, all the better. Hooray for helichrism and cypress oil!

My digression from clothing in one's closet can be rationalized for health sake and so . . . do what it takes. Take care of yourself so that you can enjoy the clothing, the shoes, the bags, the jewellery, the accessories . . . and look great in them.


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