Friday, 9 October 2015

Crossing the Stupid Line


For the most part, you, who have been following this blog, know that I have a reputation for writing about dress appropriateness at work. As a result, I often get emails about "work" attire; but really, I think we (women in general) are doing alright as far as choosing appropriate attire for our work situations. There will always be 3% of the population who doesn't see the harm in cleavage, sheer garments or short skirts or whatever. However, sometimes those who complain about particular dress or dress malfunctions just "need a life".

And so I believe you may agree with me when I write, "Are you kidding me?" in response to a correspondence I received about nipples.

An email related a "situation" about this "point"  or would that be "points" at a workplace? Apparently, at a workshop for the department, someone's nipples were protruding and another someone decided that this was inappropriate and decided to inform her that there are "bandages" that would help rectify this problem. "Excuse me . . . "

Sometimes it's cold in buildings and yes, the female body responds to cold in a way that a male's body might; except there would be differential in direction. One must acknowledge that a woman could be wearing a proper bra and a cotton shirt and find herself in this predicament. I need to ask, who is it who is so attentive as to notice this as a problem?

At any rate, there are some work attire considerations that we as women have control over and others that we do not. In this case, I have to wonder about the professionalism of the person who was paying more attention to the breasts of the women in the group than on the speaker at the professional development seminar.

So, NO THANKS, to band-aids or plasters or pasties for nipples. Sometimes it's just cold where one has to work and there are physiological repercussions.

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