Thursday, 17 September 2015

Brian's Newest Tory Burch Purchases


Thank goodness Brian keeps me posted about his latest Tory Burch purchases. These are quite special and of all the ballet flats Tory Burch has created with her signature logo, I must say, I've taken a liking to these the most.

Fango coloured TB Lowells. Photo Source: Brian D, 2015

Even better in black . . . 

Black TB Lowells. Photo Source: Brian D, 2015

Thanks Brian . . . the official ballet flats guy of this blog . . . 

Brian in his fango coloured TB Lowells. Photo Source: Brian D, 2015


  1. Thank-you for showcasing another collection of my Tory flats. Much like you it was the different Tory medallion that initially caught my eye but there are a few other minor differences. The toes is slightly less rounded, the cut across the top of the foot is lower and the style itself is like the new style TB Revas with no elastic around the heel.

    Thanks for sharing my pictures and declaring me the "official ballet flats guy of your blog." I'm honoured.

    1. Now you see, I would never have known the subtle differences. I think there's another post there! Your in-depth knowledge about the different flats can only come from wearing and buying a particular brand and that is what makes an expert.

      As always I appreciate your input and comments. Thanks to you for bringing a whole new perspective to the content of this blog.


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