Saturday, 4 April 2015

Personalizing the Bag

Call it purse ornamentation, bag baubles, handbag jewellery, bag ornaments or whatever but it's essentially a personalization of your handbag, sports duffle, backpack, briefcase or any other such container you carry. Spring of 2015 requires that we personalize our carry-alls with some sort of unique ornamentation. 

For awhile I was making oversize "keychains" as bag ornaments but for the most part the pieces I made were not hardy enough to withstand the abuse. I must start making them again with sturdier materials. This spring, it appears that we will be seeing more ornamentation to personalize carry-all containers. Tassels abound and those made of leather, horse hair (do not worry, no horses were harmed in any way) or other such hardy materials seem to be the rage.

I remember high school where leather fringed First Nations beadwork decorated backpacks and purses. About the same time, Hello Kitty made her mark; although it was primarily marketed for pre-adolescent females. I never really understood how teenagers, never mind adults could see fit to decorate their duffle bags or briefcases with a white cat sporting a red bow on its head. However back in about '02 high school students, both male and female, from Asian countries were sporting Hello Kitty paraphernalia on school tuck sacks and athletic bags while doing their mandatory stints in North American high schools. I wasn't in that demographic at the time but I could imagine the interaction between the 14 year old male who put a Hello Kitty DooDad on his backpack and the class bully. 

Photo Source: Fashionisto
Thank goodness the look for 2015 is a tad more sophisticated than the Hello Kitty trend.

This is definitely a duo-gender trend and I can see either wearing beaded baubles and scarves decorating whatever either gender happens to be carrying.

It's 2015, leave the stuffed animals and Hello Kitty stuff to the pre-adolescents.

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