Tuesday, 10 February 2015

You Can Get an App for That: Technology Assisted Shopping

We already experience targeted advertising every time we log in or surf in what would now be considered "old fashioned" access. No matter what website I visit or what I write about in this blog, there is a technologically assisted response regarding the potential products that I might purchase. However, if online advertising had to depend on the likes of me, they would not be as successful.

Don't get me wrong, I do respond to advertising. The Bay told me that they would give me 25% off on all sleepwear. I wanted a new pair of pyjamas and so I went to the store because I wanted them immediately, not in 3 shipping days. However the fine print further informed me . . . but not on particular brand names, and not on any price ending in .99. Well . . . of course, whatever I wanted came under the exempted articles listed in their print flyer. Nonetheless, they got me there and I did buy something and it wasn't 25% off. They succeeded; I was duped. And it doesn't matter that I feel duped, the money is in their cash register.

Technology's purpose is to make life easier and those who create and spin, have outdone themselves in the shopping genre.

Shopping . . . there's an app for that. Your favourite retail storefront probably has an app that will give you the scoop on sale items or even offer you special savings just because you are using their app. In most cases, these are free. I can't imagine a retail outlet charging the consumer. Mind you, credit card companies do it all the time - charge you, that is, for using their card.

You can get an app that allows you to load and use your loyalty cards in a more organized way. No more aggravation with trying to find them in your wallet. How convenient . . . 

You can get an app for your email promotions so that they can all go into one folder but they may already be organized well enough in your junk folder.

Looking for something special? You can get an app to red flag particular deals. 

It is Twitter and Facebook where stores put their newest deals and wait for appropriate responses, that is to further their advertising scope by having you tell your friends. Eventually someone will buy.

Then there's Ebates - a portal that allows you to shop the different registered retailers and then get rebates. You get a quarterly cheque for shopping through the portal. What is something really worth when the investors along with everyone in the middle and their employees are making their share of the profit margin and the buyers are also getting rebates?

I fear I could be moving toward being an "electronic device" hermit if I continue these thoughts . . .  I wonder, can I get an app for that?

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