Sunday, 4 January 2015

Pajama Day on a Frigid Sunday

"granny" shawl knitted
by ShirleyB
Photo by JoyD
What better way to spend a Sunday, particularly a Sunday that is -37 degrees Celsius with a windchill making it -50, than in your pajamas all day long. Usually Christmas Day is my annual-must-have pajama day; however with guests and dinner, it didn't happen on the 25th. Today is perfect. Added to the pajamas are knitted socks and what I call a "granny shawl" as I sit and read, write or play online games. Just to make the day a tad productive, I have a pot of beans on and checking it every once in awhile makes it a perfect day. My husband decided to bake bread and so all is well with the world even at -50.

I usually use my camel coloured cashmere shawl as my "granny shawl", a shawl worn while sitting indoors, in an armchair, in a sunroom or on a veranda - I'm sure you can picture the scene. But this year, a friend who knits gifted me with an honest to goodness "granny shawl". I need to start referring to this new item in my closet as a "bed shawl" or a "pajama day shawl" (the word "granny" can wait for a few years), reminiscent of the bed jackets that were popular from the 1930s to the 50s.

Google Image retrieved from Retro Revival, 4/1/15.
A vintage bed jacket is another possibility if you are into pajama days. Cindy, who writes a blog named Retro Revival, informs us that bed jackets were worn when you had breakfast in bed or received guests while still in bed. These are definitely not occurrences in my lifestyle. As for receiving guests, this would be a fine addition even now if you happen to be in the hospital. That's the only place I imagine I would ever receive meals or guests while in bed. And of course it would be infinitely better than the "johnny gown" (see number 9 in my post about Illness and Dressing).

A vintage bed jacket may just become a NEED on my 2015 closet list.


  1. Ahh, Winter in Canada. I've lived thru Canadian Winters for (cough cough) many years and already this Winter seems colder then most. Ironically it hasn't been. I like your idea of PJ's days. Stay snugly instead of putting on street clothes. If it's a work day I often don't get out of my PJ's till it's time to go brave the cold on my afternoon work shift. Burr

    Stay warm.

    1. Got back to the gym today so I had to get dressed! Actually I start feeling like a slug if I don't get dressed, even if I don't go out on a day off. But I am keeping warm and we do appreciate good weather more than the average temperate climate person out there (or so I believe). In fact, the weather does seem to take over conversations here in a way it doesn't anywhere else. Fashionable clothing is difficult in this weather.


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