Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Fashion Week Street Style Possibilities

Closet Content Analysis: Street Style 

Choices: Eccentric, Fashionable, Trendy or Stylish? 

The end of October is near and the hype of the Fashion Weeks, essentially September, over the world is now a memory, albeit in anticipation for the next season. For me, I have barely gotten over Summer 2014 and the fall fashion shows have shown Summer 2015 styles. The schedules for the 2015 fall and winter shows, which come in early 2015, are already posted. It's hard to know what you should be wearing when. That being said, this post is more about "street style" rather than the new designs. 

I have looked at a vast variety of "fashion week street style" photographs from New York to London to Milan to Paris and have concluded that there are five categories of people being photographed:

but of course . . . 
- the rich or famous socialites
-  show business types; 
- those who work in the fashion industry;
- media types including fashion bloggers, editors and cohorts of fashion magazines; 
- the anonymous fashionistas who hope to be photographed
This is not such an astute summation.

There certainly are some "creative" combinations.  I know, I know . . . the point is to get noticed and perhaps even be credited with starting a "trend". The looks range from the bizarre, which are destined to be adopted by adolescents or eccentrics, to the classic and tailored, which can be worn by anyone any age anywhere.

Since the photographs all require permission owing to copyright, I do not have any photos on this post, but I have linked to several websites that illustrate my take on NO THANKS and NICE. So whether eccentric, trendy, stylish or fashionable, you' can determine what you believe is a NICE or a NO THANKS.

NO THANKS: To me, Anna Della Russo is a prime example of eccentric. Perhaps I will eventually work toward eccentric; then again maybe not. One street style photograph shows her choice of long sleeved red top, turquoise blue appliqu├ęd skirt and baby blue platform heels. One more photographic reference to prove that you have to be rich and work in the industry to get away with this sort of thing. Mind, in the photographs I have seen of her, it is very obvious that I simply do not like her chosen style.

NO THANKS 2: Susie Bubble in Milan, to me has an almost clownish effect with her oversize yellow and grey knit, covering a pink top and print skirt, and lime green runners. Entering this world as Susanna Lau, she is now the successful fashion blogger of Style Bubble, from the UK, and is better known as Susie Bubble.

NICE: Nicole Warne, on the other hand, looks beautiful in classic styling in the photograph shown on the Harpers Bazaar website. But I am partial to black, white and beige. Again, Nicole Warne, this time in white, grey and black. A woman after my own heart - a blogger with classic fashion sense who did well.

NICE 2: Then there was Leila Yavari, Stylebop's fashion director, on the Vogue site in Milan: very nice!

I love the variety, the eccentric and even the mundane that we choose to wear and I am grateful to all the photographers who have taken to the streets to illustrate what a wild and wonderful world fashion is.

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