Thursday, 20 February 2014

Stylish on a Budget

Double, double, toil and trouble, 
Fire burn, and caldron bubble.  
- the witches from Shakespeare's Macbeth

With apologies to Shakespeare . . . I have adapted the phrase to suit those of us who need to watch what we are spending on clothing.

Thoil, thoil, mark-up double 
Designers spurned; avoiding trouble.
- adapted by JoyD from Shakespeare's Macbeth 
"Thoil" is my latest new word. Wiktionary tells us that thoil means to be able to justify the expense of a purchase. 
"I loved those Manolo Blahnik's but I couldn't thoil them in addition to my new Theory pants and blazer." 
We probably need to say "I can't thoil that!" more often than we do! I had set a clothing budget and of course, I have overspent my assigned February clothing allowance owing to a friend's recommendation and visit to Holt Renfrew and Tory Burch. We can always blame our friends if we can't take responsibility for our own selves.

Tory Burch Riding Boots. Photo by JoyD.
Tory Burch brown leather riding boots - regular $545.00 (Cdn) on sale (taxes in) $251.00 (Cdn.) purchased at the Tory Burch boutique (Chinook Centre) in Calgary, Alberta on February 17th. Good deal!

The witches of Macbeth inspire me to continue . . . 
Stilletto of Jimmy Choo,
In the shopping bag, first of queue 
Theory pants and Armani top
Burberry trench, do not stop
Tory Burch boots, Minkoff bags
Caroline Herrara dress so nags
Chanel suit, and shoes to match
Earrings, cuffs, add to the batch
For the charm of economic trouble
Like a hell-broth thoil then rubble.
- Adapted by JoyD with apologies to the witches, MacBeth & Shakespeare


  1. LOVE the new boots and getting them for that price makes them "that much better" They are awesome. As for your rendition of "the witches from Shakespeare's Macbeth" was there some red wine involved when you "adapted by JoyD from Shakespeare's Macbeth?" I LOVE it. Enjoy your amazing new boots.

    Thanks for sharing.

    1. I certainly am enjoying them and the number of people who have commented positively is overwhelming. In fact I have newly introduced Tory Burch to a couple of friends - as you did to me. As for the wine, it was after the shopping and after the wine that I began to collaborate with Shakespeare. I'm starting to think that I'm sharing to much ;-)

    2. They are awesome boots and I can only picture they look awesome on you cuz I things fashionable boots are your style . As for sharing too much???? I don't think so. Maybe I've shared too much.. As always thanks for the great posts.

    3. "Sharing too much" - the great online dilemma. I think we're ok! Always appreciate your support.

  2. Once again, I love your previous post review gadget. I forgot all about this post but LOVE IT! When you shared these new boots I didn't own a pair of Tory boots. Now almost two years later I own 4 pairs of Tory boots. Hummm was there a subliminal message in this post directed at me?

    Hope 2016 is going well.

    1. Hey, Brian . . . if the shoe fits . . . Tory Burch boots are amazing! I hope to be in Calgary to take advantage of some "boot" sales in February, 2016!

      In fact, 2016 has started out very well - I am keeping to all of my resolutions, albeit only three days in. There's much to write about!


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