Wednesday, 4 December 2013

The Question of Chic

Personal Style and Chic-Ness

So has the concept of chic changed so much that I don't recognize it anymore? Are my ideas of chic that outdated? I have to ask myself, exactly what makes up "chic"? But then, it is only chic in my mind.
Living in Paris was a crash course in chic. - Rebecca Romijn
Really? Each time I visit Paris I look for men and women exemplifying that Parisian "chic" but it seems fewer "on the street" possess it. Or perhaps my idea of "it" is a notion developed too long ago to be relevant today. I read other bloggers posts about how fabulous everyone in Paris looks, which leaves the impression that everyone on the street is perfectly turned out. 
It amuses me when I'm described as chic. - Vanessa Paradis
If you are in certain arrondisements/districts, you may still encounter that "chic-ness", which I submit is stereotypic when one talks of Parisian chic. I have been visiting Paris since 1992, if not twice a year, at least annually; and it appears that "chic" is fading. The young seem obsessed with "American" fads and those still sporting "chic" appear to be the rich or at least those who are buying at the luxury boutiques. On a particular Saturday at the end of October, I saw more "running" shoes than I ever have in Paris. Bien sur, it was the weekend and some were very unique but they were still running shoes. So it now is no longer just the tourists. 
Uggs can be as chic as heels for women. - Andre Leon Talley
 . . . I think that both France and Britain are known for their distinctive styles and everyone says that France is so chic and elegant but I think . . . French women are renowned for dressing in what suits them. - Alexa Chung
Can you still be chic in running shoes? I suppose, but now it is not the clothing or the shoes or the bag, it is the person, the posture, the demeanor, the self-awareness and the self-esteem. That in the end is chic, not the clothing anyone is wearing or the accessories anyone is sporting. Who's definition of chic are you aspiring to? Hopefully your response reflects your own sense of style, albeit influenced. And so I leave you now to contemplate your own sense of "chic"-ness with a few quotes on personal style . . .
My style is ghetto chic. I love tacky jewelry, mega heels, high waisted shorts, catsuits. - Jessie J 
My style icons would be people like Brigette Bardot and old Hollywood actresses who always look so stunning, cool and chic. I like classic and timeless looks. - Jessica Brown Findlay
I'm not chic, I could never be chic. - Sid Vicious
I admire anyone with their own sense of personal style. - Nicole Ritchie

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