Tuesday, 24 December 2013

Pajama Day


December 25th was pajama day when I was growing up. As a kid I remember going to my parents' bedroom door, peeking around the door frame and waiting to be invited in. My younger brother and I would then jump onto my parents' bed and beg them to get up so that we could each open a gift from Santa Claus. You see, my family celebrated Christmas according to the Julian calendar, on January 7th and it was January 6th when we opened Christmas presents from the family and had visiting relatives come for Christmas Eve and Christmas Day dinners.

NEED: a new pair of pajamas

When we were introduced to Santa at school, Santa Claus, coming with one gift for each of us, was added to my family's Christmas celebrations and he of course left those presents to be opened on the 25th. Because we didn't celebrate the 25th with a big meal or with any visitors, staying in our pajamas all day was easy and soon became our tradition. In fact, in subsequent years my mother began giving us a pair of pajamas as my parents' December 25th Christmas gift to us. Now we officially celebrated two Christmases! This year I may have to resurrect this custom but I didn't think to buy myself a new pair of pajamas. 

Looking to the past for a new tradition is necessary since my husband's parents are now both gone and my parents too. Without parents, to whom Christmas obligations were an annual necessity, and without children, my husband and I are on our own to create and develop new traditions.

In 2013 I will wear a black pair of monogrammed pajamas, an old pair with drawstring pants and a button down shirt, at least until I need to dress for dinner. Soft from multiple washings and worn around the edges, this pair will soon need to be replaced. Maybe next year.

Have a blessed, fun-filled and restful Christmas and stay in your pajamas just a little longer today.

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