Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Nouveau Look

 Closet Content Analysis: Re-Inventing Yourself 

NICE         NO THANKS        NOTE-WORTHY        NEED         NEW      NECESSARY

I was watching television on a Saturday night and happened to come upon "Nouveau Look Pour Une Nouvelle Vie" which is essentially a makeover show - a new look for a new life. In the episode I was watching one of the candidates was a 54 year old woman whose wardrobe was comprised of cartoon character sneakers and t-shirts with skinny jeans. Just to confirm: Yes, I am in France.

Cristina Cordula, host of Nouveay Look Pour Une Nouvelle Vie.
Photo Source: M6 Publicité
Cristina Cordula, the Brazilian-born stylist of the show, has the "look" I love. For the show, she prepares clothing choices of different looks and the candidate tries the ensembles on until she agrees to one of the "looks". 

Then it is off to hair and make-up and any other requirements. My husband, who was patiently watching along with me, described her "before look" as "scritchy". Her long frizzy hair, which was tied into a side ponytail, was eventually cut and coloured into a medium length bob. She already looked transformed! I must admit the make-up application on this show looked far too complicated. Whereas in North America, we are looking for quick application, the French are looking for perfection. In this particular episode, the candidate was also taken to a dentist for veneers. The smiles at the "reveals" at the end of the show do not need translation - a smile means the same thing in every language. In the case of the 54 year old, her husband's look of pleasure and astonishment was quite endearing. You just knew he loved her just as she was, but now . . . wa-oo!

Lida Baday suit, 2011.
Photo Source: Toronto Life
As for my own transformation . . . through my career I had a reputation for the variety of heels I owned and for always dressing "business appropriate". My Lida Baday suit was one of my favourites and it was the last suit I purchased in my former career. But now since I live in France, I feel as if I need a makeover and the television show's name, "a new look for a new life" is exactly where I am insofar as transitions go. Slowly I am transforming my French closet but in fact I still like the business look even in a more casual lifestyle. I'm not so much giving myself a "new" look, as re-inventing and adapting the look I still love.


I still wear the jackets/blazers but now it is more with jeans and linen pants than with skirts. 

I still wear my button-down white and black shirts.


A variety of heels in different colours are no longer needed. 

Skirted suits - although I still love the look of them, I truly have nowhere to wear them.


A pair of tall black flat heeled boots that will help elongate my look.

I am in transition, have been for two years now and I found a quote by a mom that says what I am feeling about my closet. I never have been a mom but it fits where I am in my life right now . . .

I'm a mom, so I have to be comfortable. Jeans are a staple . . . But I also love getting dressed up!
- Candace Cameron Bure


  1. Relaxing in Kelowna18 September 2013 at 22:16

    You do not have to reinvent yourself. You are great the way you are!! Subtle changes here and there are what you do without thinking, so why even consider anything else? Need: enjoy your life; it is a great one; you are blessed! New: no need. Necessary: nothing other than yourself!! :)

    1. You are too sweet. I guess my motivation for writing this post was that clothing does represent change in one's life and may even disclose psychological nuances. Remember, I'm the one who likes to analyze things. Need: to take a visit to the valley.


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