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Adding Jewellery when Mixing Patterns

Closet Content Analysis: Solid Colour Choices to Accent the Patterns

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The April 1, 2013 post began an analysis of mixing patterns and so the discussion continues with the addition of jewellery. When mixing patterns, repeat one of the mutual colours (if you have two items in two patterns) in a solid block with a necklace, earrings or bracelet but do not try to wear all three and definitely do not match all three. The interest you have created by mixing patterns needs to be enhanced by your jewellery not put in competition with it. So remember when wearing jewellery with patterned clothing, the jewellery and other accessories should be restricted to one area, the neck, the wrist or the ears in a solid block that is bold. 

My advice isn't being followed in the photo below. With due respect to Talbot's, I wouldn't do the pink necklace or the pink purse. The top is great and the JoyD green necklace, which appears to be the same colour - hence the colour block, would be a better choice. As far as the bag and shoes, I'd go neutral but not matchy-matchy. But then again, I'm not a stylist for Talbot's.

Green stone necklace created by JoyD, Spring, 2013.
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Finding the perfect green or complementary colour can be an issue. The next question then would be, is there enough of that bright soft green in the pattern to pop with the necklace? The top helps. This is where backward planning comes into play - you NEED to find a floral that can be complemented by the solids you already own in your closet.

Shopping Advice: Take a favourite solid colour top from your closet with you when you go shopping for a floral skirt or floral skinny pants. Keep that as your base complementary colour. Just go shopping for the print. If you start buying more accessories, you'll be duped into buying more than you need. You probably already own a pair of neutral coloured sandals in nude, sand, beige or tan that would work nicely as a backdrop. Even a pale tone of a colour that is in the skirt as a shoe match would work.

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