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Keywords that Brought You Here in July, 2012

I began this in June (posted one month ago on June 18, 2012) and have decided to do another monthly review of the search statistics, and elaborate upon the questions and phrases, that have brought you here. During July, 2012 the most popular "closet fashion content analysis" search retrievals or the ones I can give you a specific answer to, include the following (search keywords are in italics and/or colour highlighted):

why are linen pants so great
The linen issue is alive and well relative to the number and variety of search keywords used that have brought you to my blog this month (over 50 different phrases). In fact my  Summer Pants = Linen Pants post was one of the top visited posts of my blog over the past four weeks. Linen is a staple fabric in one's wardrobe and does not need to be part of any trend hype in order to be a popular choice in fashionable clothing.

Hopefully, those who searched, with phrases including linen, found some relatively useful information on either the Summer Pants = Linen Pants post or the general Linen post. There are some "linen" questions and phrases that I feel compelled to elaborate upon.

can you wear a black. blazer with beige linen pants
Of course, that is a very chic look.

wearing linen in nice, france
Mais oui, and anywhere else in the world you happen to be.

how to shrink linen rayon blend pants
*how to shrink eileen fisher linen shirt
Linen, 100% composition, may shrink ever so slightly but blend it with rayon and it is unlikely to shrink. I used the word, "unlikely" because I know I should never say never! You may have to have them tailored or just wear them "oversized" - call it the "boyfriend" look - a little big, a lot of comfort!
*When you buy a good quality shirt as you have from Eileen Fisher, the likelihood that it would shrink is probably remote. 

unlined linen pants etiquette
The word "etiquette" is perplexing for me, because I equate it with "protocol". Are you asking about caring for your linen? Or are you asking about what to wear under linen pants that are gauzy and see-through? The word etiquette as in the French, "l'étiquette du vetement" would be the "label of the clothing". So you see, I can imagine the preponderance of results "google" will return.

maternity summer shirts for sale ottawa
Interestingly, this is exactly the category of clothing that Christina said (in the July 2012 maternity post) she could not find in Ottawa and obviously someone else from Ottawa is looking.

anne fontaine where to buy las vegas
Premium Outlets Mall North has an Anne Fontaine store, number 2197; telephone: (702) 384-3056

cross jewelry is hot for summer 2012
It is and it will be hotter for the fall and winter!

i need to buy blouses
I have said this to myself many times; however, in order to do a better search online, identify the features that you like in a blouse, for example: "simple, classic three-quarter length sleeve blouse". More specific search words will lead you to more specific sites.

i have a gift and don't know whether it is a pashmina
Without writing an essay on the bastardization of the term "pashmina" and since there is no recognized industry definition for pashmina in North America, everything from viscose to lesser quality natural fibers can infiltrate the "pashmina" market definition. I'm not sure about the name of the goat but "pashmina" (maybe it is a pashmina goat??) is in fact a fiber, in the cashmere category, as goats go. The fibres are apparently finer than cashmere; so fine that it is often combined with silk to make it more resilient and hardy. The "70% cashmere/pashmina, 30% silk" blend is the norm for what we know as "pashmina". It is soft, lightweight, has a lustrous sheen and drapes beautifully. Unless your friend is accustomed to gifting you with items that cost anywhere from $150.00 (Cdn) minimum, it is unlikely a true pashmina fibre; unless of course, the gift-giver was in Nepal when he or she bought it.

are pashminas in fashion for 2012
Over the course of fashionable popularity, the word "pashmina" became synonymous with the word "shawl"; and that is an aberration. I'm assuming this search is referring to the "shawl" and not the fibre. When it comes to wearing a shawl, it is a functional piece and therefore is never really out of fashion but then again only in fashion when a celebrity makes it so. On a cool summer evening, it is perfect. During travel, it doubles as a blanket. If you like the look, wear it and don't mind what is "in style", only think of having "a style".

how many t shirts should i own
I said it on a previous post, and I will say it again:
How many t-shirts can one girl own? As many that look good and feel great.
How many t-shirts of the same style can one girl own? As many as there are colours in that style.
How many black t-shirts can one girl own? At the very least, one short sleeved, one three-quarter sleeved, and one long sleeved.
Insofar as regular shirts, I would think the same applies.

how many t shirts does one lady need 
Only you know!

brides something blue
The Victorian tradition of "something blue" lives on and every bride can adapt and modify and make her own tradition!

Then there are those search phrases that leave one a tad perplexed: 

panty loafers shoes in winter
I think you mean "penny" loafers. I do not know this as a "loafer" term but I can't imagine what a "panty" loafer would look like.

classified shoes flats
Do you mean "classic"?

red coat thinking friday
What is this search for . . . are you thinking about wearing a red coat on Friday? If so, it's ok with me. Or is "friday" a brand name?

flip flop man
This falls under the category "phrases that sound risqué but aren't"! 

expensive gold bracelets for italian women 
Are expensive gold bracelets for Italian women different than expensive gold bracelets for any woman? I don't think so.

To make your clothing and fashion searches efficient, you might consider choosing key words, nouns, time frames - years (2012), seasons; without any articles (a, an, the), prepositions (in, over, between), or conjunctions (and, or, but). Study your favourite posts, blogs, websites and commercial sites to decide on the best inclusive categories and words that will be most effective in your searches.

As you know, web searches can be quite indiscriminate with hundreds of thousands of possible responses but if you choose your search words wisely, your results will be more accurate and productive.

If you inadvertently came upon this site, I hope you were satisfied with the results.

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