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Clothing & Accessories to Buy on Sale

My top ten classic summer sale buys that you can wear forever!

3 Euro swimsuit purchased at a hypermarché in France
1 Bathing Suits. Unless you are a swim instructor or training for the Olympic swim team, the likelihood of needing to buy many bathing suits at top retail prices is low. But if you spend your summers at the beach, summer sale time is the time to stock up on good quality one and two piece swimsuits. I know a woman who has a summer home with a pool and she buys high quality swimsuits on sale for herself but she also buys "grocery store" swimsuits on sale in different sizes for the happenstance that someone visits and doesn't have one. Just recently, she picked up several including the one in the photograph for 3 Euros each at the E. Leclerc hypermarché in Pineuilh, in the Gironde, France. In France you will often find one piece swimsuits on sale because the bikini or two-piece are more popular.

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2 Designer Totes or Unstructured Handbags. Handbags usually have a shelf life but totes or unstructured bags, which usually have minimal detailing, are basically the same design and structure all the time. Designer bags go on sale too and they can be priced to a point where one can tolerate the excess. If you have a desire to own Louis Vuitton or another designer bag, consider a tote. The hardware changes slightly but a tote is a tote in 1992 or in 2012. Tod's Medium Tote with logo is another good example of the "forever" bag. 

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3 The tunic dress. The tunic dress offers a simple silhouette in sleeveless, short, 3/4 length sleeve and long sleeve options. On hot summer days it is cool to wear and can double up as a bathing suit cover. The photograph illustrates a tunic dress that would be perfect in the fall with a black pair of tights accessorized with a statement necklace. If you find one like this, you will be able to wear it for a very long time with the simple addition of a scarf or a necklace. And not to forget those women who are in the period of their lives where having babies is happening, the tunic dress can take you through the first bump reveal.


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4 Traditional Flats. These don't change much year to year and so a good pair of brogues, driving shoes or loafers can come at good prices during sale time.

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5 Flip Flops. Another shoe category that doesn't change much but wears out more quickly than other shoes is flip flops. You might not find these on sale until the very end of the summer. The same woman who buys "grocery store" swimsuits, buys "grocery store" synthetic flip flops in a range of sizes for her forgetful guests. She says that she has found decent quality synthetic flip flops for men and women for anywhere from two to five Euros a pair. She keeps them in a large wicker basket, near the pool and simply dunks them in a chlorine bleach solution between wearers.

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6 Pencil Skirts. Trends in pencil skirts include back pleats, slits and length; therefore, for the most part if you find a classic pencil skirt that fits you well in the basic neutrals, just skimming above the knee, buy one in white, camel, grey, navy, black or brown. However, remember denim and khaki for summer vacations and travel over the next several years.

7 Sunglasses. When you try on a pair that are perfect, buy them. Whether you pay $10.00 or $200.00 or more for a pair, this is your opportunity to reveal your personal style with a pair that is price tolerable.

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8 The Shirt. If you don't have a classic white shirt in your closet, keep your eye out for the button-down shirt in cotton, silk, or linen. Keep it simple, no embellishments, just a plain shirt. If you don't need a white one, look for it in your favourite colours as you peruse the sales. 

Elana's jacket from the west coast of Canada.

9 The Jacket. If you need formal wear but are not a formal wear kind of person, a tuxedo jacket or a uniquely tailored one, such as Elana's jacket pictured here, is all you need to pair with trousers or a skirt for a formal night out. Or if you are in a workplace that requires professional dress, having a variety of jackets will serve you well and purchasing blazers and jackets on sale allows you to expand that variety.

10 The t-shirt.  T-shirts get worn and washed a lot: black gets dull, white gets dingy. Summer sales are the perfect time to replenish the worn out and expand the colour horizon.

What are your favourite sale purchases?

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