Tuesday, 1 January 2019

A New Year - Continued Health, Happiness, Prosperity and Friendships - and a Rejuvenated Closet

There are those who don't care to make resolutions but I love to, if not making new ones, at least revisiting former ones. Some of mine are not so much resolutions, but affirmations for renewed energy and motivation to do all that I believe needs to be done.

1. My first includes my closets - again, still and forever. A new year confirms my thoughts of something new in, something old out. I have been negligent with this one but once again, I reaffirm that this is a good strategy. Why I cannot seem to let go is a work in progress, which leads me to my second resolution . . . 

2. Don't think, don't worry, just ________ (do it). For me this translates as Don't think, don't worry, just write. Don't think, don't worry, just throw it out or give it away. Don't think, don't worry, just meditate. That may be the most important of all.

3. My "box a day" rule for organizing the stuff in my life needs a motivating kick in the inspirational butt. On New Year's Eve, a friend told me how effective the "box a day" has been for her over this past year. I did not admit to her that I hardly gave it a thought in 2017. Thoughts change. No matter the size of the box, a drawer, a closet, your purse, whatever container you can manage in 30 minutes or less, a "box a day" will lead to a wonderfully organized life.

4. Re-establish routines that make me healthier, wiser and well, more abundant. This is once again a version of the, "Don't think, don't worry, just do it" sentiment. Just how to do it is the challenge.

5. Eliminate or at least reduce those things that are robbing you of your time and energy. Sorry gamers, both addicts and occasional imbibers. Unless you are "making your living" from this activity, too much of it is just plain wasteful. I know a woman who tells me that her games, all word related games, make her mind active and will result in less chance of eventual dementia. Unfortunately too much of her good thing may end up giving her high blood pressure. I don't know that for sure but "balance" in all we do seems to be a better strategy.

6. Back to the stuff in our lives - use what you have, be grateful you have it and don't be wasteful by buying more stuff that you really do not need. Re-assess buying habits and start giving stuff away or selling it. I think I am repeating myself. Seems that resolution #2 covers all that.

Therefore at the risk of saying the same thing over and over again, I now leave you with wishes for a prosperous, healthy and happy 2019! As the French say, "bon courage" in all that you resolve to do this year.