Monday, 13 February 2017

Five Best Approaches to Sale Shopping for Clothing


Winter wear has been "on sale" since Boxing Day and in February and March many storefronts will be trying to get rid of their stock. In brand stores here in the west, they have to pack leftover seasonal merchandise up and send it to the outlet or discount brand store, usually in large city locations. Most everything from the west goes to eastern Canada. 

This is the perfect time to pick up cashmere or wool sweaters, pants and blazers in dark colours and formal wear. At the end of January, the Bay, after having reduced clothing stock by 50%, added another reduction of 25, 30, or 40 per cent after the 50% and then gave "seniors" another 15% off. This is a perfect time to suggest taking your mother or grandmother shopping with you. I bought an $80.00 Olsen t-shirt for $16.00. When I asked about the "seniors' discount", the sales associate responded that she doesn't question anyone who asks.  

Here are the five best approaches to successful sale shopping:

1. Set aside a block of time of two hours or more. It is possible to spend 2 hours in one department store looking through sales racks. If you feel rushed for time, you will not do a thorough job of your search. 

2. Take a list of basics that you need or will be in need of soon. Stay focused on the list but keep your eyes opened and do not disregard unlisted items. You need to also be open to items that have been marked down beyond reasonable. Jeans were not on my list but when I saw that the Calvin Klein's would be under $10.00 I could not resist. 

3. Select and take the items that interest you as you search. I used to like to peruse the department first and then go back and collect what I felt I wanted and needed to try on. During a sale, that is self-sabotage. As well, don't rely on a sales associate's help - very often they don't seem as enthusiastic when they are selling sale merchandise.

4. Be willing to try pieces that are not labelled with your "normal" size. If you call yourself a "medium", there are brands that size at "small" that will fit you and in some brands, you may have to go to "large". If you see it and you like it, but it's not in your size, take what looks reasonable with you to the fitting room. You won't know for sure unless you try it on. 

5. Set a budget. If you go sale shopping and say, I will spend $???.00 and not a penny more, you will feel better when you get home. If you spend with only the thought that, "I got such a good deal" and come home knowing that you spent way more than you could afford, the only thing you will feel is remorse. Better to come home with one $16.00 t-shirt and say, I saved $64.00 than spend $100.00 you don't have, no matter what the savings.

Carolina Herrera was talking about trends and style when she said this, but it applies to buying things on sale . . . 

Don't do it! If it doesn't look good on you, don't worry about it. 
- Carolina Herrera

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