Tuesday, 27 December 2016

Out with the Old; In with the New

NEED: A Closet Content Analysis

I suppose I really don't need anything considering no sales event has enticed me to brave the minus 20 weather or the crowds to take advantage of the Boxing Week storefront sales. As well I am a choose-to-be-luddite when it comes to online shopping. I bought an ironing board online and I buy airline tickets online but that's about it. Would that make me a Quazi-Online-Shop-Luddite? Perhaps I will evolve but that may take some time.

It does appear though that I have kept my Black Friday Eve Resolutions. And my food pantry seems to be the only "closet" in my house that has seen anything new in the past two months. 

However, I will be watching the "white sales" in January. My linen closet needs a few new sets of pillow cases and some fitted sheets so that my beds have a better fit. I put one of those pillow tops on top of an already thick mattress set and the fitted sheets I have no longer are so fitted. I have brought large flat linen sheets from France and so that leaves me to replace the fitted sheets. Interestingly, I no longer want to buy "sheet sets" because of the oversize mattress situation. The bed which is queen size does not coordinate with the queen sheet sets. The pillow cases are too short for the pillows, the fitted sheets don't fit and the flats barely drape over the mattress sides. I like a long hang-over (I can't believe I wrote that); no not a hangover but an overhang. And so I have resorted to buy separates, in the same way that separates are now my first choice when buying clothing.

Back to my clothing closets. This is the year that I will get rid of all the stuff that has been hanging in closets that I never look into. It's time to de-clutter and re-analyse my clothing situation. I have done it before but minimally. There is much in my Canadian home that needs to be eliminated and the new year is as good a time to re-new some past resolutions.

There is a philosophy that "stuff" holds us back and doesn't let us move forward. Old stuff that isn't used is resistance to moving ahead and it is truer in my life now than it has ever been. 

Out with the old and in with the new. This thought deserves another post.

Thursday, 1 December 2016

The New American First Family Influence on Fashion

Banter around our table about the results of the American election has reflected Canadian tolerance, albeit without total acceptance. Canadian conversation tends to default to the comparison between the American health care system and ours. With the recent appointment of a vociferous critic of any kind of supported health care, I am happy to be living in Canada. My husband is about to have hip surgery and I know that our home is secure and that we won't be bankrupt because of it. I am happy to acknowledge a prime minister who is respected by my European friends and glad that I do not have to rationalize for the bizarre result of a recent election.

This is a fashion blog and so my observations and speculations will deal with a superficial consequence of this election - nothing at all to do with politics but rather how the president-elect and first-lady-to-be will influence fashion trends.

The president-elect appears to favour red ties, white shirts and dark suits therefore a vengeful resurgence of the power suit seems imminent.

Photo Source: Inside Edition
The first-lady-to-be looks fabulous in variations of the sheath dress and so we shall see all manner of sheath dress over the next four years (or at least as long as there is no impeachment).

My predictions are rather obvious and my conclusions were not influenced by a committee based on nepotistic decisions. It will be interesting to see how influential these two are in the fashion world; albeit not nearly as interesting as what will happen on the international political front.