Thursday, 24 November 2016

Buy Nothing Day Re-Commitment

It is the eve of Black Friday, otherwise known as Thanksgiving in the United States, and time for me to restate my vows of choosing a day weekly when I will buy nothing. I have to restate this vow annually because like many resolutions, it is short-lived and by the third month I have forgotten that I even made the resolution.

A friend who has school age children has altered "buy nothing day" into "buy only necessities day". She claims there would be times when she had run out of milk and felt guilty about going out to buy it on her affirmed buy nothing day. I speculate that not buying the milk would create greater guilt feelings and so her "buy only necessities day" does make sense for her. 

"Buy only necessities day" could then be expanded to including clothing on my NEED list. Isn't life grand, one can accommodate just about anything if they try hard enough.

But really, I still believe in including a weekly "buy nothing day" in my life. I hope not to forget about it so easily and will attempt to make my resolution last a little longer. I am also going to propose a second "buy only necessities day" which will be restricted to food. For the next year I propose my "buy nothing day" to be Wednesday and my "buy only necessities day" to be Friday. While I'm on the bandwagon, I shall make Saturday a "buy only locally day" to support small independent store owners and all the vendors at the farmers' market. If I do not actually acknowledge those days specifically over the next year, I do know that since I first read about "buy nothing day" in Adbusters magazine, I have slowly changed my buying lifestyle, so that I do not impulse buy anymore, I think twice about where I am buying and I look at the labels to see where things have been made.

But of course, bien sûr, I will not be shopping tomorrow. 

Note: It appears my blog post is on European time while I am writing on Canadian time. Tried to change the time zone but it still reverts to Europe. Sigh. I'll figure it out eventually.


  1. When I saw this buy nothing Black Friday post notification show up this morning I was confused??? Why is last years post showing up now??? Sadly a year has passed since Black Friday 2015 and its Black Friday 2016. Yikes, where did the year go?
    You have reconfirmed your "buy nothing day" and added a few more and I've committed the same acts as last year. While I am presently in the United States I didn't have any plans of Black Friday shopping. But like the previous two years my gal Tory has invited me to pre-shop a week ahead of actually Black Friday. OPPS! I did it again.

    1. It's like making a New Year's resolution for me. Good for you to get a deal on the product you love but for me I have no such loyalty. I look at what I own and am disgruntled yet I look at what there is to buy and I am not enticed. Like I said, bravo for having a brand that you love and can get a deal on!

    2. Thanks for understanding. I could comment on so many of the posts we've done together but this one seems right. Although our latest post would be good too since I bought myself an amazing pair of seriously discounted pink tory flats

    3. Thanks for understanding. When it comes to buying anything other than Tory I am also enticed to say no thanks, or I don't need it, or it's not exactly what I was looking for and don't end up buying it. When it comes to Tory, I likely will be buying it so getting 30% off makes sense.

      It's funny to me that there are so many of the posts we've done together that are all tied together now.
      Your Buy Nothing 2015 Black Friday post. Then we posted about the black pair of Black Friday flats I did buy so I could have a black patent pair in Calgary and Arizona. Recently we discussed the colour pink for me, and now this 2016 Buy Nothing Day post. The reason I mentioned the pink post is the colour of one of the pairs I bought this Black Friday are called Dark Peony. That's Tory way of saying pink. These are also a replacement pair for my pink patent Eddie flats which will also find a new home in Arizona. Unlike our recent pink post these new ones are a much brighter shade of pink.
      I'm still surprised how loyal I've become to the Tory Burch brand


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