Friday, 3 June 2016

Max Mara - what an opportunity!

Closet Content Analysis: Unexpected Find #2


Max Mara Camel Hair Trousers
Photo Source: Lyst
The liquidation sale of the Max Mara store on Cours de L'Attendance in Bordeaux began April 20th and will continue to June 20th, 2016. I had no idea about the liquidation but needed to go to Bordeaux to buy coffee at the Nespresso store. I had to walk past Max Mara and there it was, a "liquidation" storefront. Unfortunate that the location is going out of business but I got lucky. Max Mara makes a particular camel hair pair of pants that are classic. As my friend Aiden Joelle can attest, I have been trying to replace a pair of camel trousers for the past three years. I have told her that if she sees them in my particular size, just buy them and I will gladly reimburse with interest. It never happened.

The key was to think "winter" even though it was May. It was obvious that the store was liquidating last year's stock from summer, fall and winter. What luck! I found the trousers that have eluded me for the past three years.

There is advantage to having a "replacement clothing" list and being prepared to buy off-season. I can now check off the camel trousers. My next "discount" shopping trip will be to Romans-sur-Isere where I hope to cross off more "classics" on my list - navy blazer, royal blue Lancel purse, white shirt. Marques Avenue is not as good as liquidation but it is a darn sight better than designer storefront retail.


  1. Glad you stumbled onto the Max Mara sale, those camel colour trousers are great. I like your "replacement clothing" way of thinking. It kinda justifies what I did in this post we did.

    Hope things are great in France :))

  2. Hello,
    As a perpetual sale shopper, I too keep a running list of items I peruse the sale rack for either in or out of season. This includes: anything wool (pant, skirts, suits), cashmere sweaters (cream, white, grey, black, navy), linen, and shoes (flats, sandals, pumps – really any style). It can also be a good opportunity to pick up something that is a little more trendy without paying a hefty price. I would say the trick is knowing your closet and what is at the end of its useful life or what you want to replace because you are just tired of it.
    There is something to be said for shopping in another city – I was able to find a pair of Ferragamo sandals (summer 2016) for 60% off – did I need them – not really but they were a neutral color and style and having learned the lesson of see it, like it, buy it I wasn’t going to leave them behind and lament latr. I had already “relearned” that lesson over a pair of Manolo Blahnik sandals on sale when a business trip took me to Eastern Canada.
    From the previous comment it appears the never ending shopping list includes household items. I am curious about the shipping costs of having a light fixture shipped within Europe. I asked once about having dishes shipped from Rome to Canada and I am convinced the shop keepers picked a random number to deter me.
    Have fun shopping!

    1. I'll be writing a post on my purchases at Marques Avenue in Romans sur Isere - I found the royal blue Lancel bag but the style seems impractical. I still have one more day here so I just might change my mind. A trendy pair of shoes found their way onto my feet and a practical pair too. There's more . . .

      Insofar as shipping within France, my friend Marie is coming to visit me in August so she is picking up the fixture and delivering it to me. Convenient. By the way, I also got lucky at the Yves Delorme location. My vacation is not over . . .


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