Tuesday, 1 December 2015

Brian's Black Friday Purchases

I have written about Brian's "latest" purchases before in a September 2015 post and since we've just passed Black Friday and Cyber Monday, I thought it timely to let you know what his most recent "latest" purchases have been. I think I'll make a "buy nothing" resolution for Brian - "I will buy nothing on Black Friday except for Tory Burch flats". I think he might be able to live with that one.

Enjoying the Arizona sun in Tory Burch Minnies. Photo compliments of Brian Davis, November 2015.
For those of you who have not visited this site before, Brian is my "ballet flats" expert. The reason I emphasize ballet flats is because not only does he know a lot about them, he also wears them. After collaborating on several posts with Brian, I have realized that a male wearing ballet flats is probably more common than most would think. But why he has become the expert on this particular blog is simply that I know nothing about ballet flats and I needed someone who did. I write; Brian comments, I acknowledge and ask questions, and voila, he is the resident expert on ballet flats. 

The three pairs of Tory Burch flats are a Black Friday purchase made by Brian. The black Minnies are to replace his black patent Eddies that were just over 3 years old. Grey Minnies and a pair of Revas finish off his purchases. 

Tory Burch Minnes. Photo by Brian Davis, November, 2015.

Tory Burch grey Minnes. Photo by Brian Davis, November, 2015.

Brian's newest Revas. Photo courtesy of Brian Davis, November, 2015.
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  1. I totally agree with your intent for the "Buy nothing day 2015 resolution" post but I totally agree with the title of this post. "Yes I can live with it." There is so much hype from the retail companies and designers that want to clear out there old products during Black Friday or Cyber Monday frenzy. They advertise "SAVE SAVE SAVE,"but what it really means is "SPEND SPEND SPEND!"
    I ventured out to the mall on Black Friday. Not to shop but to experience all the hype. It was fun to experience standing on the outside looking in. When it comes to my Tory Burch Black Friday shopping, it actually took place 6 days before Black Friday because I was "invited" to the TB Pre Black Friday sale by my TB sales associate. There was still the same hype (and a few complimentary glass of champagne) just not all the craziness and crowds, making it the same amazing Tory Burch sales experience I always have.
    As you mentioned, the new black patent Minnie's are a replacement pair for my black patent Eddies. I think most women or men that wear flats have at least one pair of black flats. My thought process was, I need a new pair, why not buy these which are already on sale, then 30% off that.

    JoyD, Thanks for all your kind words and for taking my thoughts and fashion choices and converting them into posts on your blog for others to enjoy. (or should I say enJoyD

    1. See what happens when you don't check with your source - sorry about the error of your purchase date.

      I like that . . . enJoyD . . . I do like sales, particularly for replacing basics as you did with the black Minnies. After all, a white shirt is a white shirt or a black pair of flats are black flats whether at full price or at 30% off. However, that thought also leads me to the idea of "what is the actual price of anything"? The greatest shopping pet that I peeve about are online sites that offer 60/70/80 % off - just what is being sold on those sites? I think there's another post there.

    2. I've often wondered the same about anything you buy. What is it actually worth? How much money was being made on my black flats that I recieved $125 off the regular price. It is nice to get a great discount but when we pay full price ( for anything ) we are over paying.
      Regardless of the cost, the flats were something I wanted and that's why I have a job. To make money so I can buy myself things I want, even if I over pay. It all has to be justified.

    3. Bien sur! The best choices are those we enjoy and receive pleasure from. It is nice to be able to make those choices without repercussions.

    4. So true. Buying a pair of flats I like or want is fun, it gives me pleasure. The hardest choice I've ever had to make regarding a pair of flats was choosing to openly start wearing them. It was a hard choice but one that I've had no regrets and no repercussions. And every post we do together reconfirms how good this initial choice was. I owe you a great big THANKS.

    5. And so this is definitely a reciprocal relationship. The posts about men (you as the prototype) wearing ballet flats receive the most numerous visits. I thank you for that! Good or you . . . good for me . . . NICE!

  2. One of the thinks that strikes me about men who wear ballet flats is that it seems like men are more inclined to buy a flat that is BOTH fashionable and comfortable. My wife has more pairs of flats and shoes in general that may loo great but require the judicious use of band-aids when wearing the shoes. Every now and them my wife will follow my lead on a pair of flats and has never been disappointed.

    My go-to favorites to this day are my Born Julianne flats, although they have a new style, "Tami" that I think will be just as comfortable. I have not yet followed Brian's advice and bought any Tory Burch flats, but I have tried them on in a couple of stores and I can tell they would be very comfortable.


    1. Right you are on the comfort and fashion front. The shoe needs to be very individual and specific to the foot, which in itself is specific and has particular needs. It is no wonder that shoes were once custom made by cobblers, who measured and had their clients return for numerous fittings. Now we believe that mass producers can offer us the perfectly fitted shoe. Hmmph? How lucky you are if you can find a shoe that is both comfortable and fashionable!

  3. I'm not sure if men are heard saying to women, "how many pairs of black shoes do you need." Or women say to men, "you can never have too many pairs of black shoes." I like the latter of the two sayings. Of course I've modified it a bit for me. I say, "a guy can never have too many pairs of black flats." The new black patent Minnie's I bought did replace my black patent Eddie flats but the Eddies do have a new home. No, not to the trash can, instead I've left them at my home away from home in AZ.
    Back in April 2013 we posted about another pair of my Eddie flats. These blue ones; http://closetfashioncontentanalysis.blogspot.ca/2013/04/in-mans-closet-ballet-flats.html Tory recently release a patent Chicory blue (baby blue) Minnie flat. This seems like a good time to replace another pair of Eddies with the new Minnie's. I'll leave the Eddies in AZ with the black pair and wear the new Chicory ones at my real home.

    I guess this means I should modify this saying again. "A guy can never have too many cute pairs of black or blue flats."

    1. Thanks Brian - I think there's a post entitled "A guy can never have too many cute pairs of black or blue flats" on the horizon.

    2. I guess the saying is true. I did end up getting the Chicory blue (baby blue) flats. Other than my snakeskin Eddies, most of my blue flats are a darker shades of blue. These Chicory ones are anything but dark in colour. They are more of a "pull your eyeballs out of the socket" baby blue. The patent finish also adds to the WOW Factor.

      So it's true, A guy can never have too many pairs of black or blue flats :))


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