Friday, 27 November 2015

Buy Nothing Day 2015 Resolution

I re-visited the post, It Just Doesn't Stop, with the intent to re-establish my "buy nothing day" resolution for 2015. Sometime during the past year, I lost the momentum and eventually forgot all about it until the Black Friday advertisements once again began. While several fashion blogs are giving you strategies to attack your shopping today, I will join others in not buying anything. 

When I hear the media proclaim that American Thanksgiving means two things: football and Black Friday, I shudder to think that it has fallen to that. Within the same broadcast, a reporter then tells us that "two out of five Canadians have too much month at the end of the money". Our Thanksgiving holiday is long gone but we piggyback off American culture owing to our dependence upon American television. However, we, as consumers, need some stern advice and I'm ready to give it: "Just stop it!"

Ok, so . . . if one takes the admirable position of not falling into the consumer trap, one has to replace it with something else. If you don't, you might end up like a friend of mine, who paced, watched too much TV, played too many online games and fretted that she might not have anything to eat for dinner because Friday was her usual grocery shopping day. 

Consider it a challenge. Here are two pieces of advice for overriding the "buy nothing day" feelings of remission or omission.

1) Take time. All of us lament the following, "I never have any time to . . . (fill in the blank) . . . do a craft, paint (either your nails or a masterpiece), write, take a bath, bake, make soup from scratch, clean out a closet, listen to music, dance, transplant the philodendron . . . twiddle my thumbs. Here's your opportunity to take the time to do so.

2) Put aside thoughts of guilt. "It's Friday, that means it's pizza night or Chinese food or whatever indulgence you afford yourself and your family." There's nothing wrong with shaking it up a bit and the kids will only stay annoyed for awhile. Think of another way (bake cookies) to indulge yourself or them.

Good luck and I hope you are successful in attempting a buy nothing day instead of overindulging.


  1. Opps, this post is too late, I did some pre Black Friday shopping.

    1. That's ok! Tell me what you bought . . . as with most things, we're allowed good intentions and procrastination! You can tell . . . I could just be jealous. No matter how much I try not to be (and I can succeed at that), I am a shopper at heart.

    2. I'm sure it won't really surprise you what I bought. I had a gift card and a birthday coupon so I combined those with the sale that Tory Burch was having and...well....lets just say SLURGED.

      I'll send you some pictures.

    3. SLURGED? I think you meant SPLurged - too funny! I think there's a post here. I haven't featured you in awhile. Time to do so I think - Black Friday Ballet Flats - I like that . . .

    4. Yes I did mean splurge, gotta love I Pad auto spelling sometimes. Oh yes by all means, feature away. :)


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