Saturday, 31 October 2015

My Body has Changed

Photo by JoyD.
If you read the last post, you know that I wore my beige sheath style dress to a wedding. However I must tell you that it was difficult to zip up.

I haven't gained any weight. 

Let me explain. I wore this dress at the beginning of the summer (June) and it fit perfectly. Truly, I am now exactly the same weight. However . . . when I put it on, it's now the middle of October, it was very tight across the shoulders and chest. Did I tell you I have been working out? I have been enjoying the feeling of how much weight I can pull down and press in my back and chest exercises; and so I believe the exercises have changed my width across my back - I don't think I will continue those wide grip pull-downs. However, I may change my routine to include, more reps and less weight.

Photo by JoyD.

Now the very fact that it was difficult to zip up caused me some problems. I hate, absolutely hate, when someone wears something so tight that it causes those pulled creases across the back. And yes, I had those. So what's a girl to do but find a blazer that will cover all the offending pulls and creases?

I decided to wear my red blazer. I wouldn't wear a black one because it was a wedding. The blazer hid everything I wanted it to hide.  

Unfortunately I had purchased a new scarf at Notti in Ste. Foy La Grande, with not a hint of red in it. 

Pink, orange and browns in my new scarf.
Photo by JoyD.
Now, I couldn't wear the new scarf because of the blazer; I needed to find a scarf in my stash. I didn't mind wearing the red blazer but I began to regret that I purchased this new silk scarf, especially since it definitely did not match. 

There will be another time for it.

I do plan to take my new scarf to Optique Martin so that I can match up a new pair of clips for my Zenka glasses to my new scarf. Funny, Anthony (the owner of Optique Martin) told me about a woman who came into his shop to buy a new pair of clips every time she bought a new "foulard". I have become his second client to do so.

Photo by JoyD.
My red, blue and beige scarf from my closet was the best choice since the red in the scarf was a perfect match to the red of the blazer. In addition, there were three shades of beige that tied the dress to the shoes. I was happy with the combination of beige dress, red blazer and this scarf. It fit the season and was appropriate for the wedding. I wore my beige Jimmy Choo heels and felt quite festive for the occasion.

Photos by JoyD. Collage created using PhotoCollage.

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