Sunday, 26 April 2015

My Favourite Clothing to Pack

Here it is the spring and I am packing winter clothing in my one check-in bag for Europe. What's wrong with this picture? Absolutely nothing since my summer closet is adequate in Ste. Foy but I will need more cold weather clothes since I am staying until February. However, I like my husband's attitude. He reminds me every time he sees me pondering over my suitcase,"All you really need to pack is your credit card". 

In fact, it's more a matter of packing some of my favourite things that I keep toting back and forth between Canada and France. 


My LBD. Photo by JoyD.
1. My LBD: Perhaps it's time to buy one in France and leave this one in Canada but it has been a staple in my closet for years. It fits perfectly. The length is proportional for my height. The lines are classic and adaptable to any season. There's nothing more I can ask of it. It owes me nothing.

2. My skinny jeans: Again it's a matter of fit. My blue and black jeans have served me well over the past year and I want them with me in France. 

3. My black, white and navy v-neck short-sleeve t-shirts. Of course I can buy t-shirts in France but again it's the fit, the length and the quality of cotton that makes me buy and pack these over and over again. Believe it or not, they are the $8.00 Joe Fresh t-shirts that I have written about before.

My Jimmy Choo heels. Photo by JoyD.
4. My dark taupe ballet flats and my beige Jimmy Choo heels. I keep carting these back and forth only because they are the only ballet flats I own. As for the Jimmy Choos, they serve me better than my black heels.

5. My black blazer and my black and white patterned blazer. I usually wear the black blazer on the plane. Like the LBD, the black blazer is a staple that probably needs to soon be replaced but until then I shall take it back and forth.

NEW: Last week, Louise K. gifted me with a woollen snood that she knit. I'll be taking that to France and leaving it there to help take away the January chill.

NEED: In addition, for the purposes of this trip, I have included several wool and cashmere sweaters since I'll be there during the rainy winter. I'm re-thinking the underwear - again I'll take only a few of my favourite pieces since there's no better country in the world to buy lingerie than France. And that's it. Whatever I need can be accommodated with my credit card!


  1. Oh the decisions! A big suitcase filled with all your favourite items or a credit card? Too cute, I can believe that was you Hubby's idea or was it just sarcasm? Your timing for this post is amazing. This morning while chatting with my Arizona Starbucks barista I had a similar conversation to this post. I walk to Starbucks every morning, it's just part of my routine. The morning SB's girls are very kind, they call me by name and we always chat. This morning the topic of having two houses (one in Calgary AB and in Arizona) was brought up. I said it's so nice (and I feel very lucky) to have two places. In fact I have two of everything. Everything from golf clubs to toothbrushes. One of everything at each place. It makes air travel so nice. I can be away in Arizona for a month during any part of the year and not have to pack a thing. Her response was even if she had 2 places she would still have to pack a big suitcase of her favourite items that are dear to her. Ok, now comes my honesty disclosure. I do travel with a small carryon bag in case I purchase anything in Arizona that I want to bring back home or if there's a certain fashion item I might want to wear while on vacation but never anything bigger than a carry on.

    I wish you all the best in your suitcase packing.

    1. This coincidence is confirmation for me that I should continue this blog as is ;-) Thank you Brian. You are my blog angel!

      No sarcasm intended - those were his thoughts and his words. We live by the adage that if money can solve a problem, you don't have a problem.

      May it's a girl thing as has been confirmed by your barista friend. Like you, my husband is taking a small carry-on as well as a shipping box for wine as his check-in.

      I can't believe you didn't write about your shoes? Surely you must take your favourite pairs . . .Non?


    2. Right back at you my blogger angel. Your blog and posts are very special to me.
      This is really too funny cuz now it sounds like something that happened yesterday. With regards to the sarcasm and the words you live by. " if money can solve a problem you don't have a problem." Yesterday I made my final visit for this vacation to the Scottsdale Tory Burch boutique. You know, to say "thanks" and my "goodbyes" to my amazing TB sale associates as well as "maybe pickup" one more pair of sandals. Back to the story, I was having a good laugh with two of the sales associates and we got onto the topic of money. Angela asked if I'd seen those hilarious TV commercials making fun of people with too much money. She was describing a few of them to me and one of the commercial had this phrase in it. (And it was so funny the way she said it.) This is the video. Basically the line goes, "money doesn't spend itself". Reminds me of this line, "what's money if you can't spend it". I could go on and on (and here's where I talk about my shoes). I'm cheap when it comes to everything but shoes. And yes I do travel back and forth from Calgary to Arizona to Calgary with my favourites Tory's. And from Arizona to Calgary with my new Tory's.

      We might never have "enough" money but it's good we can enjoy the money we do have.

    3. There lies the question, "what is enough?" But you are absolutely right - here's to enjoying all that we have!


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