Sunday, 15 February 2015

One of the Basics: Pencil Skirts

 NICE: a Classic - the Pencil Skirt

Photo: JoyD
Being a particular height, or vertically challenged by some judgements, has made the quest for the "long" look a lifetime challenge. As far as skirts are concerned, to give the illusion of height, we tend to choose monochromatic colours, match leg colour to shoe, and go long and narrow as opposed to wide and flouncy. The pencil skirt is the most flattering basic choice one can make if you are 5'4" or under. 

When I had a more professional role, many of those skirts were teamed with jackets because I believed I should compensate for my height and age with a skirted suit. I no longer have to worry about the age concern. I am sure that 90% of the skirts that I have purchased have been pencil skirts and I can't imagine a different skirt in my future. Those that were not, were seldom worn and soon abandoned.

Victoria Beckham has been credited with giving the pencil skirt a "new spin" on the Vogue website. She wears them below the knee for the most part and she designs them for her collections. Wear it at the knee or just above or below and you have a winner. 

Leave the full flared mid-calf skirt for your taller sisters.

Photo: JoyD
As I review my wardrobe, the pencil skirt exists in many variations. Denim, merino wool, stretch fabrics, cashmere and silk - I've had them in every fabric including polyester blends. 

They may have pleats or slits or adorned with zippers or buckles, but they all are form fitting, although that too can be in varying degrees. I even remember a peplum peach coloured below the knew pencil skirt from the 80s. As I type those words, I am shuddering. That one was turfed long ago. Yet some of my other pencil skirts, in their very basic forms, have survived the years.

Photo Source: Hugo Boss Pencil Skirt Saks 5th Avenue

The simplest classic style never seems to go out of fashion. Those pink asymmetrical or peach peplum styles, even if they are called pencil skirts are not classic. A skirt such as the Hugo Boss one in the photo will last a lifetime in your closet. Even the pencil skirt needs to be discarded if the length is no longer becoming to your age or there are too many revealing slits - or attached peplums - or too many added adornments. Sorry friends, but the older you are, you should stick to the longer classic style. Remember it is all a matter of proportion. Basically leave the minis to the twenty-somethings.

Denim skirt with front slit. Photo: JoyD

NO THANKS: Although this skirt is still in my closet, it needs to be thrown out. It is too short and with the front slit, too dated to still be an option. Why is it still in my closet? I'm not sure. Nostalgia? It won't be there long. I promise.

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